Harlequin Hit Man (Sheila Hollister)

Sheila HollisterHarlequin Hit Man

Dressed to the nines, the Harlequin Hit Man easily takes out their targets whether alone or paired up with their similarly suave partner of the same name.



As one of two deadly assassins known as the Harlequin Hit Man, Sheila Hollister takes out her targets with expert precision unless superheroes get in her way.


Secret Life

Living in Springdale, Connecticut, Sheila and her husband Herb make friends with the city’s District Attorney Justin Baldwin who’s investigating a string of murders. Little does the D.A. know that Sheila and her husband lead a double life as hired killers, each taking the alias the Harlequin Hit Man.


Deadly Shot

As the Harlequin Hit Man, Sheila wields a handgun and shoots to kill.


Superhero Pests

Sheila goes up against Robbie Baldwin, AKA Speedball (later Penance), the son of the D.A., who is out to protect his father from the Harlequin Hit Man.


Married to the Work

Since Sheila shares her alias and assignments with her husband Herb, he’s the closest ally she’s got. They take their orders from on high but the identity of their leader and whether they are really an ally remains to be seen.


A History of Hits

When Sheila and her husband get tasked with taking out a blackmail ring, they carry out the mission and use their friendship with the city’s D.A. to their advantage. As soon as the D.A. offhandedly reveals to Sheila and Herb that he’s meeting with an informant, the pair follow him to the rendezvous point in their masked garb and attack him. But the D.A.’s son came to his rescue and stopped the hit men from carrying out their dirty work. They were unmasked and taken to jail where neither of them revealed much of anything about who hired them.

The next time the Harlequin Hit Man hit the streets was after a jail break. Whether it was Sheila or Herb is unrevealed but one of them was hired by Rebound alongside the Speedball Revenge Squad to capture Niels the Bouncing Cat. Hit Man used their sure shot to knock the cat into their ally Sticker but were soon caught themselves and sent back to prison by Speedball.





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