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Herb and Sheila Hollister were a duo of deadly assassins working for an unknown benefactor to eliminate a blackmail chain involved in a case that the Springdale District Attorney, Justin Baldwin, was determined to solve. The chain led them to victim after victim, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. It wasn’t until the Hollisters, who were supposed friends of Justin Baldwin and his wife, Madelyn Naylor, got a tip from Baldwin about a meeting with an informant who had evidence concerning the case that Baldwin’s life became endangered as well. Unknown to them, however, the D.A. is the father of Springdale’s newest hero Speedball, and he wasn’t about to let his dad become one of their victims. The meeting was to take place in a warehouse, and the District Attorney was knocked unconscious soon after he arrived. The informant wasn’t as fortunate and was killed during the encounter the Harlequin Hit Men had with Speedball. Herb and Sheila Hollister were eventually defeated by Speedball and taken to jail, but neither would give up any information on the man that hired them.

Time passed and the Harlequin Hit Man was back on the scene after a jail break flooded the streets of Springdale, Connecticut with Speedball’s old foes. However, whether it was Herb or Sheila Hollister who wore the mask has yet to be revealed because this time only one Harlequin Hit Man was part of the group of individuals hired by Rebound to capture a kinetically charged kitty. The Hit Man was an integral part of the capture because his bullet shot Niels into the sticky costume of the Sticker. Regrettably, a visiting Speedball overpowered the Harlequin Hit Man, and his teammates, sending them all back to prison.









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