Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Say hello to the planet Sakaar, where the biggest battles take place at the Grand Arena! Choose your fighter in the newest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'!

The Brood


The Brood’s 8 Baddest Battles

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Hiroim the Shamed was a Shadow Warrior of the Shadow People of Sakaar. His parents were Saka priests supposedly sworn to celibacy. Soon after Hiroim was born in 485 Post, both his parents mysteriously disappeared from their mountain temple in the uncharted regions of the Northern Steppes. They were never seen again. Despite his illegitimate heritage, Hiroim was embraced by the remaining Saka priests and raised within the temple to be a priest himself. Hiroim's true nature seemed to be more martial than spiritual. When submitted to the ritual provocations associated with the ceremony of initiation into Saka priesthood, Hiroim was unable to control his anger as a true Saka priest should, and he lashed out, breaking his master's nose and earning his title "Hiroim the Shamed."

Hiroim left the temple for southern expanses of the Northern Steppes. He lived there among various tribes of wandering Shadow people for a number of years, learning his people's martial traditions and, despite his disgraced status, providing the spiritual guidance he could based on his training for the Saka priesthood.

When the alien invaders known as the Spikes began their assault on the Northern Steppes, Hiroim came into his own and found his true calling as a warrior, displaying a sharp eye for strategy and logistics. He became the military leader of an army of warriors from a coalition of Shadow tribes. He was credited by many for saving the lives of thousands. However, the Spikes were relentless, and when the Father Emperor proposed an alliance, the Shadow elders accepted. With the signing of the Shadow Treaty, the Father Emperor became entitled to claim the Warbound service of a Shadow Warrior, and he chose Hiroim as that warrior.

For many years, Hiroim served as the Shadow Guard of the Father Emperor. Shortly after the end of the Spike War, Hiroim left his service under mysterious circumstances. Since he had broken his Warbound pact to the Emperor, Hiroim was no longer welcome among the Shadow People. As a result od his actions he no longer had a place within the Empire, and he spent years alone in the deserts, studying the rite and rituals of the Saka Priests.

He was eventually captured by Imperial forces, and sold to the gladiator promoter Primus Vand, who brought him to the Maw for training. He later became a key member of the Green Scar's crew, providing the team with strategic focus and a spiritual perspective.




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