Holden Holliway

Holden Holliway

In legal circles, Lawyer Holden Holliway is a living legend.



A savvy lawyer and senior partner at a reputable law firm, Holden Holliway heads the department for Superhuman Law. He leverages his position to help protect those he loves, especially that of his teenage granddaughter who dabbles in criminal activities.


Set the Bar to Superhuman

Holliway is a senior partner of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, the most prestigious law firm on the East Coast of the United States. There, he leads a department dedicated to Superhuman Law.



With a strong knowledge in the science of law, Holliway’s career as a lawyer leads him to become a senior partner of the firm GLK&H, where he provides expert legal advice and services to citizens in need.


Held in Contempt

When Holliway gets involved in superhuman law, it attracts some Super Villains, including his employee Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk’s most hostile enemy Mary MacPherran, AKA Titania. Her augmented strength not only destroys GLK&H’s building, forcing the partners to rebuild, but she also helps Holliway’s criminally-inclined granddaughter escape his custody.



Holliway has a 15-year-old granddaughter Sasha Martin, AKA Southpaw, whom he loves and works to protect from her chosen criminal activities. Though she does not take kindly to his meddling in her life.

Holliway hires several leading lawyers at his firm GLK&H including Mallory Book, Augustus “Pug” Pugliese, AKA Pug, Awesome Android, AKA Awesome Andy, and She-Hulk. Though, when Holliway offers She-Hulk a position at his firm, he makes it clear that he is not interested in the flighty, free-spirited adventurer. Instead, he wants her to practice law as her alter-ego, Jennifer Walters, and to work in the firm’s newest division: The Superhuman Law Offices, though he leaves that fact out at first. Despite the first provision, he takes advantage of her Gamma-powered prowess when it suits his needs, requiring her to help his family when they’re in trouble.


Case Files

When Holliway’s granddaughter and superpowered criminal Sasha gets arrested by the New Warriors, Holliway asked Book to bring all the files they had on where she was being detained: the Big House, though it was actually Hank Pym’s experimental penitentiary where inmates were shrunken to a minute size. Making a visit to the Big House with She-Hulk in tow, he questioned Sasha about her gang activities with super-powered delinquents, the D-Generation, and implied that she just fell into a bad crowd. She revealed that they were her crew, and he didn’t need to make excuses for her. She yelled at him for not accepting her but he reassured her that he loved her, and believed that the wonderful little girl that she used to be was still part of her.

Before Holliway and She-Hulk departed, Holliway served the penitentiary’s warden with custody paperwork from his law firm and questioned the constitutionality of shrinking a minor against their will. He revealed that he would be taking Southpaw into his custody and had the permission of the courts, state, and local government behind him. He included that there was a stipulation that Southpaw would be under the direct supervision of credited Avenger She-Hulk, to which she objected. Southpaw, now in his custody and still shrunken, objected to him always trying to control her life.

By binding Southpaw to She-Hulk, Holliway wanted to tame Sasha’s wild child nature by providing her with a reliable role model in Jennifer Walters. He admitted to Sasha that his work in superhuman law was all for her, to give her a second chance and allow her an escape hatch from her self-destructive patterns. Holliway kept her under house arrest with She-Hulk on watch.

After Book lost a case, the partners at GLK&H let her go but suddenly, the Infinity gem-empowered and super-strong Titania attacked the GLK&H law offices looking to face off with She-Hulk. Holliway called for help from his super-powered mailroom employees Whiz Kid, Momenta, and Zig-Zag to evacuate the building. After they successfully brought everyone to safety, Whiz Kid reminded him that they had an agreement that the firm wouldn’t place them in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Southpaw escaped custody thanks to a previous attack by Titania. Titania’s rampage, though, led to the android Awesome Andy’s near-fatal demise. When Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, swooped in to help defeat her, Holliway demanded he help repair Andy. When Richards refused since he had bigger fish to fry, he threatened to sue and also told him that She-Hulk had it handled. Richards then agreed to help Andy. 

With the GLK&H building completely destroyed by Titania and Southpaw in the wind, Holliway took some time off to search for his granddaughter using his personal fortunes. He picked up her trail in Texas and left the rebuilt GLK&H in the hands of Artie Zix, a disguised court recorder for the Magistrati of The Living Tribunal, known as Rigel Type Zeta 9.



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