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The most prestigious law firm on the American east coast, Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg & Holliway (GLKH) is also increasingly renowned for its pioneering superhuman law division. This division is the brainchild of senior partner Holden Holliway, who grew interested in the field after his teenage granddaughter Sasha Martin became the super-criminal Southpaw. Apart from Holliway, GLKH’s other leading superhuman law attorneys include the beautiful, brilliant, and ruthless Mallory Brook, who specializes in superhuman law because she craves uniquely challenging and groundbreaking cases; brawny, good-natured ex-bouncer Augustus “Pug” Pugliese, who was rescued from criminals by Spider-Man during his law school days and hopes to give something back to the superhero community through his legal work; and Jennifer Walters, alias She-Hulk, a veteran superhuman adventurer and accomplished lawyer who recently joined the cosmic judiciary known as the Magistrati.

Other notable GLKH staff members have included time-displaced frontier lawyer Matthew J. Hawk, better known as the Old West’s legendary Two-Gun Kid, who recently joined the firm’s security force; the mail room’s super-swift couriers Momenta, Whiz Kid, and Zig Zag; a super-powerful android Awesome Andy, a GLKH office assistant since the firm emancipated him from his criminal creator, the Mad Thinker; Ditto, a shape-shifting ex-con who became GLKH’s best process server; and Stu Cicero, an archivist who maintains GLKH’s extensive research library of Marvel comic books (most are licensed publications depicting actual superhero events, and issues approved by the Comics Code Authority are even admissible as legal documents in court since the Comics Code is a federal agency). Some staffers live in the GLKH-owned Excelsior apartment building, while the firm itself is headquarter in Timely Plaza, which is equipped with high-tech defences such as force fields, as well as special devices designed to facilitate interaction with their non-human clients (for instance, rooms custom-designed to simulate various exotic environments).

The superhuman law division’s clientele includes a wide range of superhuman, supernatural, extraterrestrial and otherwise non-human beings, as well as various human costumed adventurers and criminals. GLKH’s superhuman-related client list has included the Bird People, Boomerang, restless ghost Bailey Briggs, Cauldron: the Scalding Man, time-displaced Golden Age hero the Challenger, Count Tupo of Atlantis, wealthy time-manipulator Charles Czarkowski, reluctant superhuman “Danger Man” (Dan Germain), sorcerer Doctor Strange, Hercules, Howard the Duck, artificially evolved chimpanzee Mister Bobo, the Moloids, Ox, Rocket Raccoon, Southpaw, Spider-Man, Starfox and Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington). When Southpaw was arrested, Holliway had her released into GLKH custody, personally supervised by Jennifer Walters. Meanwhile, Book suffered her first major loss when a meddling Walters convinced Book’s client Hercules to pay out a multimillion settlement to injured villain Constrictor. The firm suffered more serious losses when Walters’ archenemy Titania attacked GLKH, crippling Book and destroying Timely Plaza before Walters defeated her. Southpaw ecaped during the confusion and Holliway left to track her down, appointing the mysterious, coldly efficient Mister Zix to run the superhuman law division at a rebuilt Timely Plaza in his absence. Ditto, ashamed of his momentary cowardice during Titania’s assault, has disappeared. An embittered Book has begun representing super-criminals, an increasingly lucrative niche since the Constrictor case. Prosecuted by the Time Variance Authority for breaking laws of time travel, Walters was pardoned thanks in part to the legal efforts of an alternate-future adult Southpaw, and she also secured the release of fellow time travel offender Two-Gun Kid, bringing him into GLKH.

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