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Mary MacPherran was born prematurely to a poor family, both of which contributed to her small and fragile frame that she never quite grew out of. The more popular girls in high school would tease her with the name “Skeeter,” short for mosquito, and the name stuck. Her only friend was Marsha Rosenberg, herself a social outcast. Mary had only enough time for work and school and little else, and she spend her spare time dreaming of winning the lottery or of being struck with a sudden superhuman origin.

One day, she happened upon one of the first sightings of Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). Caught up in the public fervor over her appearance, Mary claimed that she was Spider-Woman. The rumor got out, and the insinuation was enough to get her and Marsha invited to an important social function hosted by her high school rival. Unfortunately, this happened at the same time the Beyonder (now, the Maker) tore a section of Denver in order to create the Battleworld for a collection of Earth’s heroes and villains to fight each other. Mary was made an even bigger pariah when the real Spider-Woman appeared to save the party guests. Despondent and hopeless, Mary fled with Marsha only to encounter Doctor Doom. Doom offered the women a chance to become superpowered in exchange for joining his army. Mary agreed, and Doom used the alien technology of Battleworld to tranform her into Titania and Marsha into Volcana.

Titania and Volcana joined the other villains, where she immediately found company with the Absorbing Man, whose raw physical power she greatly admired. The villains successfully attacked the heroes’ fortress, and Titania managed to fight various X-Men to a standstill. She even seemed a match for She-Hulk; however, Titania failed to see the fight through and was forced to ask for help from the other super criminals. Her confidence shattered, she fought Spider-Man, but despite her superior strength, Spider-Man defeated her, and she has had a strong fear of facing Spider-Man in combat ever since. Soon, the villains banded together to escape with the Molecule Man, who used his power to return the Denver suburb to Earth.

Titania and the Absorbing Man remained together as a couple, even participating in many crimes together. The two were recruited by Baron Zemo in his incarnation of the Masters of Evil, but they encountered the Wasp and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) before they could rendezvous with the team. Most often, though, Titania would seek out ways to pit herself against She-Hulk, always hoping to have the chance to redo the outcome of their initial fight, which Titania always considered her first true failure. Time and time again, however, She-Hulk would always best her.

After many months, Titania and Absorbing Man got married, with Volcana as her bridesmaid. Although their large, super villain-filled wedding ceremony was interrupted by the Avengers, the heroes left Titania and the Absorbing Man alone. Both villains had seemed to have turned away from more malicious actions, preferring to quietly keep each other's company, although they never gave up bank robberies and other activities completely. Titania and Absorbing Man occasionally continued to come into conflict with superheroes, such as the Black Widow, who, in a vendetta to dispose of all Avenger's villains, shattered the Absorbing Man's altered form. (The Absorbing Man would later recover.) Later, the couple attempted to rob the high class restaurant Heaven's Grill, where they were stopped by Luke Cage and She-Hulk.

Later still, the Absorbing Man returned to crime, revealing that Titania was dying of cancer and that he needed to pay for treatment. They kidnapped a doctor but were confronted by Thor, who convinced them to seek professional care.

Titania soon recovered, but she became obsessed with the idea of besting She-Hulk. She trained in an all-consuming manner, so much so that she failed to notice when the Absorbing Man was remanded to police custody. She managed to boost her strength to unprecedented levels and raced to confront She-Hulk. With one punch, however, She-Hulk kayoed Titania. In fact, She-Hulk herself had similarly reached new levels of strength, as she had just come from training for an interstellar bout that pitted her against Tryco Slatterus, the Champion of the Universe. Now called the Fallen One because he lost the bout, Tryco offered Titania the use of his Infinity Gem of Power, training her with it so she could defeat She-Hulk. (After which, Titania prompty dropped a mountain on him, so he wouldn’t take the gem away.)

Titania did indeed best She-Hulk and would have killed her if She-Hulk didn’t manage to slip away after transforming into her alter ego of Jennifer Walters. Awesome Andy, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man all tried to keep Titania at bay, but she defeated them all. Ultimately, Jennifer tricked Titania into thinking she killed She-Hulk, but it was really Ditto, a shape-changing process server. It was enough to allow Titania to fulfill her single-minded purpose, which released her hold on the Power Gem. Now She-Hulk, with a bigger overriding desire to see Titania thwarted, was able to wrest the gem from Titania’s brow and defeated her. She was imprisoned again, serving time at Pym Experimental Penitentiary Number One, a prison that kept its super-powered inmates miniaturized.




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