Horde (Gammaworld)

Horacio Carrenas, Elmira Phillips, Joe Famiglia, Floyd Henderson, a dog named Bacon, other unidentified individualsHorde



The creature known as Horde is a collective being made up of several inhabitants living in the town of Stoneridge, New Mexico. While attempting to oppose the local law enforcement’s orders to vacate the condemned apartment building in which they lived, the Leader activated his Gammaworld dome, fusing all the individuals together. The only thought the communal intelligence shared was that of sticking together. Using that mentality against them, the Leader easily manipulated the now insane creature when he told it that a pack of aliens were removing the rest of the people out of town. Determined to keep everyone inside the dome, Horde attacked the aliens which were actually the members of the Warbound. Horde was more than a match for the former allies of the Hulk, and it seemed the monster would defeat them until Hiroim used his powers to blast Horde up and away from those it was threatening. Horde soon returned, along with an army of mind controlled humans, ready to destroy the Warbound for their Leader. They attacked without mercy, but once the Leader was defeated, the humans were released from his grip. The Leader teleported away leaving the Warbound, Horde and the remaining humans stuck inside the deadly Gammaworld dome, but whether Horde resurfaces as a menace or an ally has yet to be revealed.






The main head of Horde has white eyes while some of the other heads may have different shades of color


The main head of Horde has no hair, but some of the other heads have green hair or fur

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