Horus, the avenger of Osiris and Pharaoh of the Black Land, is the Sun God of Egypt and member of the Council of Godheads.


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'Moon Knight': Episode 3 Details Log

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While he has many aliases such as, The Distant One, Horus the Horizon, Horus the Uniter of Egypt, and Horus of the Two Eyes, Horus is most well known as the Sun God of Egypt.


Ancient Egyptian God

The son of the Heliopolitan gods of Egypt, AKA Ennead, Osiris and Isis, Horus is partially raised by and later marries Hathor, the goddess of love and happiness. Together, they have four sons: The jackal-headed Duamutef, the human-headed Imsety, the hawk-headed Qebshenuf, and the baboon-headed Hapi. 

Horus and the other Ennead become enraged circa 1351 BC when the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, AKA Akhenaten, establishes a monotheistic religion worshiping their ancestor Atum, AKA Demogorge. Soon after the alien Cosmic Order abducts Akhenaten circa 1334 BC, Ennead worship was restored. 

After Horus’ uncle Seth treacherously murders Osiris and scatters his body parts across Egypt in an effort to usurp Osiris’ rule of the Ennead, Horus becomes instrumental in helping raise his father from the dead. Upon his resurrection, Osiris dispatches Horus to locate and exact revenge upon Seth. Their epic battle lasts for centuries, and Seth finally gets the upper hand after seriously injuring Horus’ left eye with his weapon. Having won the battle, Seth traps Horus and his parents within a pyramid on Earth circa 31 BC until modern times when the Asgardian Sky Father Odin Borson, AKA Odin, assumes the identity of “Ammon Ra” and frees them. Odin’s son, the God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, assists his father and the Heliopolitans in vanquishing Seth. Thoth guides Hathor to dribble gazelle’s milk into Horus’ eye socket to heal it, also enabling him to paralyze others with his new eye.


Superhuman Powers

In addition to the Ennead gods’ conventional superhuman attributes, Horus can lift about 75 tons. He channels vast amounts of solar energy through his ankh talisman or through his bladed staff. 

Known as the “Eye of Horus”, his left eye can paralyze those in the immediate vicinity. Horus can also assume the physical form of a falcon or a falcon-headed humanoid. He can fly and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Godly Foes

Horus’ nephew Seth is his most potent enemy, having battled with him for centuries that ends in his imprisonment alongside Horus’ parents. He only defeats his uncle with the help of Asgardian allies Odin and Thor.

After the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten was abducted Akhenaten, they gave him massive amounts of power, making him a formidable threat who killed Horus and other gods. But the Mad Titan Thanos obtained Akhenaten’s power and undid these events and time, and Akhenaten is then slain by a time-traveling Victor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom.


Powerful Allies

Horus’ allies include his goldy relatives, his parents Isis and Osiris, his grandfather Geb, his wife Hathor, and their son Nut. Horus also allies with his half brother the Egyptian God Anubis, who leads souls into the afterlife.

Horus is part of the Ennead, the gods of Egypt, and joins the Council of Godheads, ancient sky-lords who convene to combat enigmatic invaders and protect Earth. He is formerly a member of Reality-9105’s Avengers and the Tomorrow Syndicate.


Ancient History

Horus was later again captured by Seth, who attempted to feed him to the monstrous Siapep the Devourer, the spawn of Apep (a manifestation of the Elder God Set); however, Osiris defeated the Devourer with the help of Thor and Ben Grimm, AKA the Thing. When an alliance of death gods (including Seth) and demons attempted to merge their domains, Atum assumed his god-slaying Demogorge form, believing the current generation of gods had proven too dangerous. In response to Odin’s request, Osiris dispatched Horus to aid Thor and others against Demogorge; although Horus was consumed by Demogorge, he was freed after Thor convinced Demogorge that the current gods’ time had not yet come.

Subsequently ambushing several of the Ennead (including Horus), Seth drained their power and conquered Heliopolis. Seth’s forces subsequently invaded Asgard, but the weakened Heliopolitan gods joined Thor and the Asgardians plus other allies in temporarily destroying Seth and restoring the Ennead’s power. When Meryet Karim, AKA the Sphinx, altered existence into Reality-9105, where Egypt’s dynasties ruled into modern times, Horus served in that world’s heroic Avengers contingent; Karim later restored the status quo Earth-616 reality, though Earth-9105 persisted as a divergent reality. 

Later, Horus represented the Ennead at the Council of Godheads to address the mad Akhenaten, who had been rendered nearly omnipotent by the “Heart of the Infinite.” Horus used the mystic Eye of Ra to observe Akhenaten, who detected them and destroyed Horus and most others; however, Thanos of Titan subsequently obtained the Heart of the Infinite, traveled back in time and prevented Akhenaten from gaining its power, diverging these events to Reality-4321; in Reality-616, Akhenaten was slain by a time-traveling Doctor Doom.

Both Horus and Osiris later represented the Ennead at a Council of Godheads convened by the Olympian goddess Athena to address the threat of the Skrulls’ gods. Horus convinced his great-great-grandfather Atum/Demogorge to accompany a team of Earth-based gods on a preemptive assault on the Skrulls’ gods, though Demogorge was destroyed during the mission.




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