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Published April 13, 2022

'Moon Knight': Episode 3 Details Log

“I remember that night; I remember every night.”

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)


In Episode 3 of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, “The Friendly Type,” Steven Grant is forced into the passenger seat as mercenary Marc Spector takes control over their body. In Cairo, Marc is in pursuit of the zealot Arthur Harrow who seeks to unleash the Egyptian deity Ammit from confinement. 

Following the events of the previous episode, “Summon the Suit,” Harrow is now in possession of the golden scarab — a compass that leads to Ammit’s ushabti. Marc must complete this last mission for Khonshu, without interference from Steven; otherwise, the god of the moon threatens he will make Marc’s estranged wife, Layla El-Faouly, his next Avatar. Layla, on the other hand, refuses to let Marc make decisions for her without her consultation. 

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Moon Knight - Khonshu


•    Steven Grant/Mr. Knight
•    Marc Spector/Moon Knight
•    Arthur Harrow
•    Layla El-Faouly
•    Khonshu
•    Ennead Council (Avatars for Hathor, Osiris, Horus, Tefnut, and Isis)
•    Anton Mogart
•    Bek


•    Cairo

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)


His Little Scarab

Layla meets with a family friend and forger to procure a new Egyptian passport. She doesn’t understand what her estranged husband is doing; she just knows he’ll get himself killed running around Cairo — her “home” she hasn’t seen in ten years.

The antiquities dealer isn’t worried about all the bridges she burned after she bounced from her homeland. Besides, she didn’t steal all those stolen relics and antiques; they’ve already been stolen. She’s taking them off the black market and returning them to their rightful owners. Who can blame for her for keeping a few to pay the bills?

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

That Wasn’t Me

Arthur Harrow and his disciples use the golden scarab to find Ammit’s tomb in the desert. Bobbi warns Harrow that Marc Spector is in Cairo tracking them. Harrow isn’t worried because Ammit is here.

Elsewhere, Marc, following a lead to Harrow’s digging crew, runs over several rooftops above the city. However, his lead is fatally stabbed by a group of Harrow’s local followers right in front of him. They all wear the sigil of Ammit on their wrists. He fights them without his Moon Knight armor. As Marc holds a blade to one of their necks, he spots Steven in the reflection of the blade who pleads with him not to hurt them. Suddenly, Marc blacks out and reawakens in a cab, learning that he’s on the way to the airport. Jumping out of the cab as he spots the men he was sparring, Marc pursues them through a crowded bazaar. He blacks out once more; Marc reawakens in a deserted area of town as he plunges a dagger into one of the assailants. Assessing the situation, three dead acolytes and the inability to account for what just transpired, Marc blames Steven for the entire ordeal. Steven, incredulous, tells Marc to direct that vitriol towards that stupid pigeon

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Without any other options to locate Harrow’s digging crew, Marc questions Khonshu if any of the other gods will intervene to stop Harrow from releasing Ammit. Khonshu remarks to court their attention is to risk their wrath (read: imprison him in stone).

An Audience with the Ennead

With the realization that Marc is right, Khonshu sends the other gods a signal they can’t ignore. In broad daylight, Khonshu uses his power to trigger a sudden eclipse over all of Cairo. Marc remarks that the display was a touch over the top. Khonshu urges Marc to hurry as the Avatars are being gathered. Despite being scattered all over the world, the Ennead is able to conjure a portal for the congregation wherever they wish, to whomever they wish. Khonshu warns Marc that at the last meeting with the gods, he was banished, so Marc’s case against Harrow must be indisputable. 

A surreal tunnel appears out of nowhere, and Marc enters the Chamber of the Gods. Marc spots his reflection on the stone wall as Steven is astonished to be within the Great Pyramids of Giza. Check off one item from Steven’s bucket list.

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and Ennead

Marc meets Yatzil, the avatar of Hathor, who comments that Khonshu’s theatrics are unparalleled. The council begins as the gods take over their avatars' bodies. In attendance are Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathor, who will hear the account of Khonshu. Osiris, speaking through his avatar, Selim, warns Khonshu that he was banished once before for nearly exposing their existence. However, they will imprison him in stone the next time he puts on a garish display of the night sky. Khonshu rebukes their statement saying he was banished because he refused to abandon humanity like the rest of them. Khonshu warns that they’ll lose this realm if they don’t take action.

Khonshu, speaking through Marc, presents his purpose — he calls upon the judgement of Arthur Harrow for conspiracy to liberate the deity Ammit

Summoning the Accused

The Ennead invites Arthur Harrow to the Chamber of the Gods. Getting his bearings, the calculating zealot asks his old master Khonshu what is the nature of this meeting. Harrow explains to the Ennead that Khonshu’s been searching for Ammit’s tomb since his own service to the god. He deems Khonshu’s vision obscured by jealousy and paranoia, and that they cannot trust the words of an unhinged god who selected an unwell servant. Harrow reveals to the gods that this avatar does not even know his own name — he has a marriage certificate under the name Marc Spector, but employment records under the name Steven Grant. He’s even witnessed the avatar threaten himself; who knows how many personalities he possesses. Solidifying his case, Harrow states that Khonshu is taking advantage of a deeply troubled man, the same way Khonshu abused him and the way he conspires to abuse this court. Harrow implores the gods to take action against Khonshu. 

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Speaking directly to Marc, Horus’ avatar asks if he’s unwell. Realizing the situation at hand, Marc considers and replies that yes, he needs help, but that he’s not on trial; Harrow is. Marc pleads with them that Harrow is a dangerous man; however, the gods deem the matter concluded as they state Harrow has committed no offense. The gods and their avatars exit the chamber, as does Harrow.

Yatzil calls Marc to speak privately in a chamber tunnel. There’s another way to prove his case. Ammit was buried in secret in a location hidden from even the gods. She urges Marc to find a medjay named Senfu who was tasked with recording the location of the tomb. Find Senfu’s sarcophagus, and you’ll find your tomb. The sarcophagus was stolen and sold on the black market.

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

I Hope You Like Attention

In a crowded bazaar, Marc approaches a street vendor, inquiring about Senfu’s sarcophagus. The vendor backs away slowly from Marc, as Layla appears from behind him. No one will talk to Marc because he’s not Egyptian. Marc states that she shouldn’t even be here; Layla dismisses the small amount of people she may have pissed off. She’ll help him find what he needs.

Layla and Marc take a felucca boat to the residence of Anton Mogart. During their travels up the river, Layla tells Marc she’s not here for him; she’s here for herself and for those who will die if Harrow succeeds. As the locals on the dance on the felucca, Marc reflects on how all the sounds and music remind him of their wedding. Instead of opening up to Layla, Marc pushes her away once more, frustrating her with another rebuff.

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

History is a Responsibility They Take Very Seriously

Arriving at Mogart’s mansion, Layla is happy to see a former associate, Bek, who tells her Mogart is also happy to reconnect with her. After Madripoor, they have a lot to catch up on.

Mogart wants to hear from Layla’s husband “Rufino Estrada” for the nature of their visit, and their keen interest in Senfu. Layla begs Marc to let Steven take control, but Marc refuses. Observing Senfu’s sarcophagus, Layla can’t find any indications of any location on the markings of the sarcophagus. Looking at his reflection, Steven tells Marc that’s because they have to unlock the coded messages hidden within its literature. Marc tells Layla to keep Bek and Mogart occupied as he talks to Steven. Steven guides Marc to fold the cartonnage within the sarcophagus; with its pieces lined up, Marc sees a star chart. However, Mogart’s men turn on Marc and Layla for tampering with the sarcophagus. A disappointed Mogart tells Layla he was ready to make peace with her, but not anymore. Before a brawl ensues, Bek informs Mogart a concerned third party has arrived: Arthur Harrow.

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

Tick Tock, Marc Spector

Harrow tells Mogart he has a better, tangible offer than what Layla and Marc can offer, revealing the golden scarab. Why settle for a clue, when you can have the treasure? Layla pleads with Anton to trust her; he rebukes her saying she no legs to stand on when discussing trust.

“Diffusing” the situation, Harrow says each one of them has more in common than they know. Addressing Layla, Harrow tells her distance won’t prevent the wounds of her father’s murder from reopening. He adds that her husband doesn’t tell her the truth. Then, addressing Marc, Harrow tells him he doesn’t share the truth with her because he’s afraid she’ll see him the way he sees himself — unworthy of love. 

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) and Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel)

Now, addressing Mogart, Harrow lifts his cane as it glows with the sliver of Ammit’s power, offering proof that these relics are real. Speaking an incantation, Harrow demonstrates his power as a burst of invisible energy destroys the sarcophagus. Khonshu tells Marc to summon the suit as he descends upon Mogart’s men while wearing the healing ceremonial Moon Knight armor. Marc buys Layla some time as she recovers as many pieces of the cartonnage from the destroyed sarcophagus as she can. In the melee, Steven in his Mr. Knight attire forces Marc to relinquish control in order to stop the violence. As a result, Mr. Knight is overwhelmed by Mogart’s men as he’s impaled by several riders’ poles. Unable to withstand the assault, Moon Knight takes control of the body again. Layla rushes to his aid; however, she’s attacked by Mogart. Witnessing this, Marc gets a second gust of energy so he can rush over to Layla to pull her from being trampled by Mogart and his horse. 

I Remember That Night; I Remember Every Night

Leaving Mogart’s grounds, Layla and Marc make their way towards the desert in search for some stars. Layla questions Marc on what Harrow was talking about — what did she have a ‘right to know’? Marc dismisses it as Harrow’s mind games trying to divide them. Exasperated with his never-ending secrets, Layla reveals she’s made to feel like she never knew Marc at all. Ending the conversation, Marc flatly states, “You don’t,” upsetting her. As they continue their drive in silence, they don’t pick up on another vehicle tailing them.

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

At the edge of the desert, Layla and Marc exit their vehicle trying to piece together scraps of the cartonnage from the sarcophagus. Frustrated with their inability to make sense of the salvaged cartonnage, Layla tells Marc that they need Steven. Irritated even further, he collects the cartonnage and rips off the car’s side mirror as he heads off in the desert alone. 

Relinquishing control of the body to his alter, Steven sits in the sand and allows his brilliant mind to be put to work, taping the cartonnage back together. Steven admires how the Ancient Egyptians invented modern navigation using the sun and stars, impressing Layla with his knowledge and passion. Using the star map, Layla and Steven determine they can triangulate the constellations into ground coordinates. However, Steven addresses a minor hiccup; it's not that simple because stars have drifted over the past two thousand years so they won’t be able to locate the precise location of Senfu’s tomb.

Moon Knight - Khonshu

You Brought This Upon Yourself, Khonshu

Overhearing Layla and Steven, a contemplative Khonshu looks to the moon, revealing he remembers the specific night in question and that he can turn back the night sky. Understanding the cost, Khonshu reminds Steven to stop Ammit, no matter what it takes, and to tell Marc to free him when the other gods imprison him for this very act.

Suddenly, Steven is enveloped in his Mr. Knight suit as the god and his avatar reach toward the moon. The starscape suddenly changes as thousands of Egyptian nights cycle across the large canvas of ever-changing stars.

Elsewhere, noticing the impressive star display flashing across the sky, Harrow feels nothing but pity for Khonshu’s desperation.

While at the Chamber of the Gods, the Ennead begin the process of imprisoning Khonshu for his violation of the sky. Joining the hands, the avatars chant as a cube of stone lies in the center of their circle.

As Layla locks the coordinates, Khonshu’s grip on the night sky loosens as he’s bound and pulled into a ushabti carved in the cube of stone within the chamber. With Khonshu fully imprisoned and the night sky back to normal, Steven’s healing Mr. Knight armor disappears with the weight of their monumental act, knocking him out cold.

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Your Torment Forged Me; I Owe My Victory to You

In the Chamber of the Gods, Arthur Harrow privately speaks with Selim, the avatar of Osiris, who confirms Harrow’s previous assessment of Khonshu. The god of the moon left the Ennead with no choice other than to tether him to this chamber, into his own ushabti prison.

Believing that Khonshu can hear him, Harrow requests to speak directly to the god alone. Approaching Khonshu’s ushabti, Harrow confesses he enjoyed dealing out pain on his behalf — the greatest sin he carries. He reveals his gratitude for Khonshu’s breaking of his spirit, as he can now achieve what Khonshu could not. 

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