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'Moon Knight': Episode 3 Details Log

“I remember that night; I remember every night.”



Isis, her husband Osiris and her son, Horus were imprisoned for many years in a pyramid that lied deep beneath the Earth. It was her own brother, Seth that put her and her family there so that he may rule the other-dimensional city of Heliopolis without opposition. Eventually, the pyramid revealed itself in the United States and Isis along with Osiris and Horus were able to use their powers to contact Odin, ruler of Asgard. Seth had said that the only way they would ever be free is if their ancestor Atum-Re returned to Earth, so the three captives made Odin believe that he was Atum-Re through the Ceremony of Rebirth. The son of Odin, the mighty Thor wanted his father to be released from their spell and agreed to travel to the city of Heliopolis to face Seth with them. On Heliopolis, Seth’s armies were defeated and he was cast out of the city leaving Osiris to reclaim his throne.

This did not leave Isis and her family safe forever for Seth did return and took her family captive once more. Seth planned to sacrifice Horus to gain control of a demon called the Devourer, but the demon turned on Seth instead. Isis, along with Osiris, was at the mercy of Seth’s armies while Thor fought Seth and the Devourer with his ally, the Thing. In the end, Seth was defeated and Isis and her family were freed once more. This did not stop the god of death from returning again to plague the Gods of Heliopolis, but this time he stole their powers so that he may wage war against the universe itself. Wanting the extinction of all life, Seth first attacked his greatest threat, the Asgardians and Thor. Even though Seth and his armies were great in number, the Asgardians, Thor, and even Seth’s own creation, Earth Force fought back and eventually emerged triumphant. The powers were restored to Isis and the other Heliopolitan gods, and their first act upon regaining their powers was to heal the dying mortals in Earth Force and send them back home.

It can be assumed that Isis and her family have been restored to their rightful place as the ruling family of Heliopolis.









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