Worshiped by the Egyptians, Isis is the fertility and domestication goddess who rules over Egypt alongside Osiris.


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'Moon Knight': Episode 3 Details Log

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Isis is one of the chief goddesses of Egypt, worshiped by the Egyptians. She is the goddess of fertility and domestication.


Born From Gods

Isis is part of the next generation of Ennead following her parents the Sky Goddess Nut and Earth God Geb, who had an affinity for mountains and the Earth’s crust, and is sibling to the benevolent God of the Dead Osiris, the evil Seth and benevolent Death Goddess Nephthys, who protected female household heads.

With Osiris, Isis sires Sun God Horus. The Nile River Valley’s inhabitants worship the Ennead as they rule from the city Heliopolis.


Divine Intervention

Isis possesses the ability to control the elemental forces and resurrect the dead. She has superhuman healing, endurance, and reflexes. She is also resistant to conventional diseases and injury. As an Ennead, her flesh and bone are two and a half times denser than human tissue, and average gods and goddesses can lift about 30 and 25 tons, respectively.

Once she reaches adulthood, she ceases aging and cannot die by conventional means. Only dispersal of a major portion of an Ennead’s bodily molecules will cause death, and even then resurrection via other gods may be possible. 


Familial Enemies

Isis’ foremost enemy is Seth, who not only slays her husband Osiris, he also usurps the Egyptian throne and locks her and her family in a pyramid. She eventually gets an opportunity to face Seth but finds herself aged to near death by his powers. The Asgardian Sky Father Odin Borson, AKA Odin, and God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, save her from total destruction.


Godly Allies

Though Isis and Osiris’ son Horus is partially raised by and later married Hathor, the goddess of love and happiness, Horus still allies with his parents especially against his uncle Seth.

With Odin and Thor’s aid, Seth is ultimately defeated, his right hand disintegrated by Odin via the Atum-Force.


Ancient Egyptian History

During Osiris’ reign, he placed mortal pharaohs in charge of Heliopolis; Osiris taught humanity funeral rites, preparing the afterlife for his loyal worshippers, while Isis taught humanity, medicine and domestication. The gods eventually became less involved in mortal affairs and established a palace on a small planetary object in the extradimensional realm Celestial Heliopolis (known to the ancient Egyptians as Aaru), a small dimension adjacent to Earth; the nexus between Celestial Heliopolis and Earth is a golden bridge known as the Path of the Gods, which connects to Earth near the Giza Necropolis in modern-day Giza, Egypt.

Seth eventually murdered Osiris in his attempt to take control of Celestial Heliopolis, locking him in a coffin and later scattering pieces of him throughout Egypt. Isis, Nephthys, Horus and Anubis combined their powers to regather and resurrect Osiris, who then dispatched Horus to exact vengeance upon Seth. Horus engaged Seth in a cataclysmic battle lasting centuries, ending when Seth finally defeated Horus circa 31 BC. Seth sealed Osiris, Isis and Horus in a pyramid in Egypt; Thoth ruled the Ennead during Osiris’ absence. Upon the spread of monotheism in Egypt, many Ennead were abandoned by their worshippers, and Thoth relocated the remaining gods to Heliopolis around the 5th century AD.

In recent years, the Asgardian Sky Father Odin freed Osiris, Isis and Horus. Imbuing Odin with the “Atum-Force,” the trio hoped to use him to defeat Seth. Odin and his son Thor accompanied Osiris and the others to Celestial Heliopolis where the gods battled Seth’s legions of the dead while Seth, aboard his massive Death Ship, began aging Osiris and Isis with an energy blast. When Seth planned to kill Thor with a touch, Odin severed Seth’s right hand with a blast of energy and cast him from the Golden Bridge of the Gods, the pathway linking the dimensions of Celestial Heliopolis and Earth. Thoth relinquished the throne to Osiris upon his return to Celestial Heliopolis.










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