Ilaney Brükner

Ilaney BrüknerIlaney Br



German army pilot Ilaney Brükner quit after crashing a transport plane in the Swiss Alps. Survivor's guilt led her to retreat into bad relationships, heavy drinking and a secluded house in the Swiss Alps. One day, Deadpool (Wade Wilson), with injured Doctor Emrys Killebrew in tow, forced his way into her house. Startled and afraid she attempted to kill Deadpool, although, she soon realized that he was the lesser evil when Ajax (Francis) barged into her home, and attacked them. She helped Killebrew escape while Deadpool caused an avalanche that buried her house and Ajax. Having lost all her belongings she accompanied Deadpool and Killebrew, but the surviving Ajax soon caught up with them. Ilaney nearly died of hypothermia when Deadpool jumped into an icy cold lake; it was then that she decided that she wanted her life back. Returning to her old home in Germany's Black Forest, she became Deadpool's personal pilot for mercenary jobs all over the globe. During T-Ray's revenge plot against Deadpool, Ilaney witnessed a resurrected Mercedes Wilson return to Deadpool's life and tried to befriend her. She joined Deadpool and Mercedes during their investigations and was subsequently arrested with them by the interdimensional holding firm Landau, Luckman & Lake after returning injured precognitive Montgomery Burns to them. T-Ray trapped Ilaney in an endless nightmare that made her relive the traumatic plane crash, but he released her after Mercedes left with him. During his exit T-Ray claimed to be the real Wade Wilson.




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