Inspired by Tony Stark and determined to follow in his heroic footsteps, fifteen-year-old super genius Riri Williams built her own suit of advanced armor and now leads a life of adventure, crime-fighting, and humanitarianism as the Super Hero known as Ironheart.

Girl Genius

Born after the death of her father, and after whom she was named, Riri Williams was raised by her mother and stepfather in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of five, a series of tests showed that she possessed an intelligence of super genius level. As Riri grew, she pursued her passion for technology obsessively, choosing to spend time alone inventing new and advanced machines rather than making friends, playing with toys, watching TV, or even eating regular meals.

Girl Genius

By the time she was eleven, Riri had embarked on a college career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). Fascinated by the billionaire scientist, businessman, and Super Hero Tony Stark, Riri built herself a suit of armor like the ones worn by Iron Man, reverse-engineering Stark’s Mark-41 design and putting her own spin on it. Riri used materials that she stole from around campus, including the robotics lab—and when a security team arrived at her dorm room to confront her about it, Riri put on the armor and flew off, deciding to quit school.

Ironheart (Riri Williams)

While testing her armor in a flight across the United States, Riri captured a pair of inmates escaping from the New Mexico State Penitentiary, but her armor was damaged in the process. Returning home to repair the suit and to explain to her mother that she left M.I.T., Riri found herself being paid a visit by none other than Tony Stark himself, who had learned of her activities. Stark expressed his support for Riri’s decision to become a Super Hero. Now guided by an Artificial Intelligence programmed with Stark’s persona, Riri adopted the identity of Ironheart.

Well Suited

Riri Williams is a normal human being without any super powers, though her incredible intelligence places her among the smartest people in the world.

Her initial suit of armor is big, crude, and somewhat clunky, though it gives her flight capability, super human strength, magnetic powers, and the ability to contain opponents inside an energy bubble. These abilities carry over to Riri’s upgraded suit, which is much more streamlined, enables her to fire energy blasts from the palms of her gloves, and is equipped with an interface to the computerized copy of Tony Stark’s mind, which functions as her main operating system.

Well Suited

Attracting Enemies

While still fairly new to the Super Hero scene, Ironheart has already faced off against a variety of super powered adversaries. Early on, she battles Animax, a mutant criminal with the power to create large, rampaging monsters at will out of her own DNA structure. Soon after, Riri confronts the Rhino, the Armadillo, and Lady Octopus, all of whom she defeats. Riri also teams up with business executive and part-time Super Hero Pepper Potts, who is outfitted in her Rescue armor, to fight the Inhuman crime lord Tomoe the Techno Golem and her minions, the Biohack Ninja.

Ironheart experienced her first defeat at the hands of the Will o’ the Wisp. She is rendered unconscious during the fight, and the Tony Stark A.I. calls in the Avengers for help.

Attracting Enemies

Perhaps Ironheart’s most significant enemy thus far is the criminal cyborg Lucia von Bardas, who sets herself up as the new leader of her home country, Latveria. After von Bardas launches a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Ironheart embarks on an officially unsanctioned mission to Latveria to confront her. After defeating the cyborg in battle, Riri declares herself the new ruler of the country—at least until free elections were held a short time later.

Riri also fends off the mutant called Hijack and Melina Vostokoff, the Iron Maiden, both of whom are hired by the renegade board of directors of Stark Industries to confiscate the Ironheart armor as Stark property.

Instant Allies

Ironheart is welcomed into the Super Hero community quickly. Tony Stark is the first person to endorse her, and he provides her with technology and ongoing advice and guidance via the A.I. program based on his own personality.

Instant Allies

Through her connection to Stark, Riri joins forces with some of his closest associates, including Pepper Potts, his mother, Amanda Armstrong, his executive assistant, Mary Jane Watson, and his A.I. holographic assistant, Friday.

Riri also works with S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Sharon Carter, though in an unofficial capacity.

As Ironheart, Riri is invited to join the Champions. She officially signs on to the Super Hero team after working closely with some of its members, along with the Black Widow, as part of an underground resistance force during the period when a Hydra-controlled version of Captain America takes over the United States.

Riri’s most devoted supporter and defender is her mother, who, having been widowed twice, initially opposes the idea of her daughter taking on such a dangerous occupation.


5'2'', In Armor: 5'9''


100 lbs., In Armor: 250 lbs.







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A Hero’s Destiny

Riri crossed paths with Tony Stark long before she decided to emulate his armored alter ego. As a little girl, Riri and her soon-to-be stepfather were rescued by Iron Man during a Skrull invasion of Earth.

At the age of ten, Riri met Natalie Washington, who became her best friend. A short time later, Riri, by then a student at M.I.T., contacted NASA, hoping to apply for the astronaut’s training program. Her age and lack of a college degree disqualified her for the time being, but Riri was determined to follow in the footsteps of her personal hero, the first African-American woman astronaut. Several years later, for Riri’s thirteenth birthday, Natalie arranged for the astronaut to call Riri on the phone and chat with her.

But later that year, at a picnic in a park in Chicago, tragedy struck. A drive-by shooting occurred and Natalie and Riri’s stepfather were both shot in the heart and killed. Riri was affected deeply by their deaths.

A Hero’s Destiny

The Super Hero name Ironheart, which had been suggested to Riri by the A.I. version of Tony Stark, was inspired by the nature of their deaths, and the armor that Riri has been trying to build around herself ever since, both literally and figuratively.

Recently, Riri took part in the search for Tony Stark, whose comatose body had gone missing. She was also invited by M.I.T. to return to the school. Riri received an unexpected visit from Blade, the vampire hunter, and followed his advice to accept M.I.T.’s invitation, as a way to both find Stark and to be in position for a major, potentially world-affecting development in which she and Stark will be needed.

Ironheart (Riri Williams)
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