Visi is an inhabitant of the planet of K'ai, within the sub-atomic realm of the Microverse. He was the cousin of Queen Jarella and sought to unseat her as ruler of the planet. Visis' plans were threatened when the Hulk arrived on K'ai, so he enlisted the services of the assassins of Pitll Pawob to slay the Hulk and Jarella. However, the assassins were swiftly defeated by the Hulk. The only surviving assassin was forced to reveal the identity Visis, which resulted in the exile of Visis for his treason to the throne. Shortly after Visis' exile, the Hulk was abruptly snatched from K'ai by the vile insectoid Psyklop.

During his exile, Visis mastered several skills of sorcery, amassed a horde of warriors and launched a fierce campaign against the people of K'ai. Fearing an inevitable defeat on the horizon, Jarella commanded the Triad of Sorcerers to teleport her to Earth's dimension in hopes of returning with the Hulk to thwart the upstart to her throne. Witnessing the Triads efforts to bring his plans to a halt, Visis used his formidable magic to manipulate the spell allowing him to send the Fialan, Master Assassin of the Pitll Pawob, after Jarella. Fialan battled the Hulk and was gravely wounded. He and Jarella returned to K'ai.

Shortly after her return, Jarella was captured by Visis' warriors, and Visis attempted to force her to marry him, so that he would be exalted to the position of king of K'ai. Jarella angrily refused his request, resulting in the smitten warrior threatening the lives of all his other prisoners. Jarella reluctantly surrendered under the thought of innocent lives being sacrificed and she agreed to marry the evil upstart. Visis, released, recaptured and killed the prisoners.









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