Kamala Kang

Kamala Kang

Teenager Kamala Kang uses her newfound time-travel powers to meet powerful people in history, but quickly learns the side effects when messing with the timestream.


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The Many Faces of Kang


The Many Faces of Kang

Get to know the Conqueror and all his major variants!



Able to travel through time and space thanks to her unlocked Inhuman genetics, Kamala Kang uses her powers to go on adventures.


Warped Beginnings

While wearing a faulty protection suit, teenager Kamala Kang gets caught in a Chronogen Mist that warps her mind and body, triggering her Inhuman gene and activating superhuman powers.


A Stretch Above the Rest

Kamala can embiggen her cosmic perspective, meaning she can stretch through space and time.


Variant Selves

Kamala might be her own worst enemy. She doesn’t fully understand the physics and consequences of time travel, which lands her in heaps of trouble and a whole lot of Kamala variants who cannot agree.


Unexpected Allies

Kamala’s close ties are her mother and father. But when mutant Emma Frost and Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki, enter her life, they help her become her true self.


The Long and Short of It

While chatting with her dad, Yousef, about the father of modern physics, Dr. Francis Ecklestein, he reminded her how he had heard him lecture in his younger days. Kamala decided to travel back to Ecklestein’s time circa the early 20th century and meet him herself. She does so and by interfering in the timestream, she distracted Ecklestein and he ended up hit by a truck. Afraid of what she had done to the future, she traveled further back, just a few minutes prior to her distraction and saved him, but another pedestrian was hit: the younger version of her father. Attempting to go back in time again resulted in several Kamala Kang variants arguing with each other about what to do.

Kamala soon learned from Emma Frost and Loki that the world she thought she knew was created when the souls from the prime universe, Earth-616, were smashed together. So in reality, she was actually an amalgam of the embiggening hero Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, and the time-traveling Nathaniel Richards, AKA Kang the Conqueror. Loki and Emma separated them, restoring both to their original minds and bodies.



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