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Starting as an intern for the Daily Bugle, Katherine "Kat" Farrell was eventually promoted and assigned to report events within the super-hero community. Her personal views skewed her opinion of "Capes" – as she affectionately called them – and she hoped to rise to the next level of journalism.

Kat's dream job was suddenly at her fingertips as a story dealing with a string of murders involving Capes fell mysteriously into her lap; among the victims was a lowlife criminal known as Carjack. Despite Kat's orders to leave it alone by Bugle Editor-In-Chief, Robbie Robertson, she decided to pursue the matter anyway after a motivational speech by Betty Brant. Using various underground sources she uncovered the murder's identity, but it wasn't until she nearly became a victim of Third Rail that Judge Hart showed himself and claimed another victim.

It wasn't long before Hart came to Kat looking for help and took her to the Zeitgeist – a spirit realm – hoping she could make sense of what his life had become. Her investigation also put her face-to-face with the Tinkerer and Tombstone, but regardless of the seedy characters Kat had to contend with, she was determined to discover the truth.

She was momentarily rattled when an intruder broke into her home and killed her goldfish to dissuade her from writing the article, but it was later revealed to be a fellow reporter who was also looking to nail down the story before Kat. A second stroke of inspiration given to her by her idol, Phil Urich, tipped the scales in her favor, and Kat finally knew who was responsible for Judge Hart's killing spree. The Tinkerer had been behind it all along and lying to both her and Hart. She thought she had everything she needed for a front-page headline, but Kat buried the article at the request of Judge Hart. She allowed her dream job to slip away and is currently still reporting news on Capes.









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