Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade)

Kei KawadeKid Kaiju

Named for his ability to summon and create monsters, Kid Kaiju is a hero in the making, defending the world with his imaginative, albeit massive, creations.


Monsters Unleashed: More Mayhem


Monsters Unleashed: More Mayhem

The surprise stars of the epic Marvel crossover get their own series written by Cullen Bunn!



Able to summon monsters from his drawings, Kid Kaiju saves the world from a deadly threat known as the Leviathon Tide, a global onslaught of invading beings led by the motherlode of all monsters. Afterward, he grapples with his new responsibilities and what it means to be a hero that creates monsters.


Terrigen Bomb

Eleven-year-old Kei Kawade lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his parents, Minouru and Deanna Kawade. Deanna After the Terrigen Bomb released Terrigen Mist into Earth’s atmosphere, the cloud spread all over the world activating latent Inhuman genes in humans. Exposed to the cloud, Kei undergoes the Terrigenesis process and develops powers which allow him to summon monsters by drawing them. 


Inhuman Physiology

Having undergone Terrigenesis after the Terrigen Bomb created a cloud of mist across the world, Kei’s latent Inhuman gene activates and his powers manifest. He can create monsters by drawing them, communicating with them, and fusing them together, the latter of which he can pilot as if a man-made Kaiju. He can also create weapons for his creations to use. Kei can see across dimensions and is multilingual, speaking with his monsters and other creatures he draws, like Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot.

After Kei’s abilities emerge and he saves the world from the Leviathon Mother, S.H.I.E.L.D. takes an interest in training him. They provide H.E.R.B.I.E., a robotic tutor, to help supplement his education with topics such as advanced combat strategy, xenomorphology, Applied Robotics, and Beginning Kree.

Legendary monster hunter and creature-expert Elsa Bloodstone offers to be Kei’s bodyguard and mentor. She often reminds him of his responsibility to the world with his newfound powers. They often employ her mystical amulet, which uses Mordred’s Causeway, to teleport from place to place when Kei’s services as a monster summoner are needed.


Colossal and Corrupt Enemies

Prophesied to defeat the Leviathon Mother, a monster that all other monsters are afraid of, Kei lives up to the challenge. With his Inhuman abilities to summon monsters, Kei uses them to fulfill the prophecy.

The New Intelligencia tries to use Kei’s abilities maliciously but with the help of Elsa, his monster creations, and the unlikely ally Harvey Elder, AKA Mole Man, Kei defeats the villainous team before they harness his power for world domination.


Heroic Allies

Kei allies with superheroes from the Avengers, the Champions, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhuman Royal Family, to stop the Leviathon Tide. In drawing a Devil beast, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl are summoned to him. They all go up against the Tide and ultimately their leader, the Leviathon Mother. Kei defeats the Mother by fusing his five newly created monsters together and forms a man-made monster that he can pilot. He also summons weaponry and successfully defeats the Mother.

Though many of the Leviathons escaped, and as such Kei teams up with his creations, Aegis, Hi-Vo, Scragg, Slizzik, and Mekara, to defeat them should they pose a threat. They all live on a terraformed island given to Kei and his family and are monitored by S.H.E.I.L.D. The organization also sends their contractor Gloria Clark from Damage Control to guide Kei in his newfound powers, and they also provide the robotic tutor H.E.R.B.I.E. for Kei to supplement his homeschooling with Super Hero training curriculum.


Drawing His Own History

The first monster that Kei summoned attacked and destroyed his father’s business, which forced his family to Missouri to find work. Though another monster attacked which made Kei’s parents suspect that he was the cause. Not wanting to draw attention, the family moved to Hawaii, Montana, and then Illinois, monsters attacking everywhere they went and forcing them to up and move each time to protect their son.

After the Leviathon Tide invaded Earth, Kei summoned monsters to combat the invading force. All of a sudden, legendary monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone appeared in Kei’s room, having investigated the monster sightings and connected Kei’s affiliation with them. She took him to Parker Industries, where other heroes gathered to combat the Leviathon, to understand his powers. Elsa became his mentor during this time. While there, they learned that he can not only summon monsters, and others as well like Devil Dinosaur, but he can also mash them together to create a new monster, the Smasher, which defeated the Leviathon Mother. Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, gives Kei the nickname Kid Kaiju, and the Inhumans give Kei and his family a terraformed island on which to live with the monsters he created, as a sanctuary of sorts, called Mu.

Kei’s monster creations Aegis, Slizzik, Scragg, Hi-Vo, and Mekara, go up against Black Schiel, AKA Animax, a known criminal able to manifest monsters created from her genetic material. Though the battle destroyed a couple city blocks which S.H.I.E.L.D.’s contractor Damage Control liaison Gloria Clark complained about to Kei and his parents. Scolding Kei, she reminded him that his monsters cannot play Super Hero, that he is only to address threats of the absolute highest magnitude. His parents expressed their concern and Kei’s mother reminded Clark that Kei is 11 years old and shouldn’t be mixed up in these kinds of matters. She also complained about the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier floating over their house, the agents coming and going, the robotic tutor H.E.R.B.I.E., and the live-in monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. Meanwhile, despite Elsa singing on as Kei’s personal bodyguard, she traveled to Romania to hunt less gargantuan threats. Upon her return, Kei informed her that when he summons monsters, they don’t particularly like it and he’s going to take it easy when it comes to creating new ones until he understands what it all means. Though, him and his monsters are immediately called into action as a Leviathon appeared in Texas causing chaos. Using Elsa’s portal, Elsa and Kei traveled there quickly and his monsters arrived only to face several other Leviathons led by Mole Man. Kei noticed that Mole Man communicated with someone unseen, in the same way Animax did. Little did he know he was communicating with the New Intelligencia, a group that included M.O.D.O.K. 2.0, Mad Thinker, Samuel Sterns, AKA Leader, and Nathaniel Essex, AKA Mister Sinister, who all attempted to get a full workup on the capabilities of Kei’s creatures.

After a run-in with some Leviathons, Mole Man kidnapped Kei leaving him without his bodyguard and five monster buddies. Meanwhile, his monster friends faced an attack from S.H.I.E.L.D. who under Dum Dum Dugan’s order used Pym Particles to reduce them to a more manageable size. In Mole Man’s underground lair, he demanded that Kei summon and resurrect his dead beasts, but Kei couldn’t do so. Lady Hellbender arrived to take Kei to her masters but contended with not only Mole Man, but also Elsa who had convinced Mole Man’s moloids that she was their queen, making them obedient to her. Though Hellbender proved an equal adversary to Elsa and captured Kei, taking him to the New Intelligencia.

Upon Kei’s arrival to the New Intelligencia’s base, he discovered that when he summoned his monster buddies in for an assist, they had shrunk in size. The Intelligencia then revealed their villainous goals to harness Kei’s power for worldwide domination but under the guise of helping him understand his powers better. They gave him a more technologically advanced device to draw his monsters, versus the pen and paper he typically employed, and rigged it with fail-safes. When Kei attempted to call Devil Dinosaur as backup, the machine electrocuted him. The villains also sent a troop of monsters to attack Kei’s home when he refused to cooperate.

Kei, with the help of his monster allies, Elsa, and Mole Man, defeated the Intelligencia. For Mole Man’s help, Kei gave him a drawing of his fallen beasts so that he wouldn’t forget them. 

After Kei started to sleep-draw monsters, he became nervous about the consequences and asked Elsa to take him somewhere remote. She teleported them to the Savage Land and he revealed to her that while he’s been drawing new monsters, he has no memory of doing so and he theorizes that they are real, from somewhere else, and attempting to communicate with him. While Elsa reprimanded him, Kei unintentionally drew one of the monsters into the dirt with his shoe, who happened to be an alternate-universe Fin Fang Foom. The creature wanted to take Kei back to his home universe and use Kei as a conduit to bring other monsters through to take over Kei’s universe. Despite Kei employing his monster creations against Foom, Foom defeated them. Kei called in his universe’s Fin Fang Foom to battle his doppelgänger. While the unlikely allies defeated the alternate-universe Foom, original Foom warned Kei of the creature’s hunger which the rest of its kind shares.

Determined to get to know his monsters one-on-one, Kei teamed up with the insect-like Scragg to save a hive of giant bio-engineered honeybees. They saved and relocated them to Mu, though Kei’s parents and Elsa were not pleased about their new neighbors. Kei and Aegis stopped a cult from raising an ancient creature, the dread Uluath, from the bottom of the ocean. 

When Inhuman Karnak, using the Inhuman Royal Family’s teleporting dog Lockjaw, summoned Kei and Mekara to the moon, they helped Karnak with his monster problem. They placated a world-destroying alien that turned out just needed a time-out.

Kei, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur work together to better understand his kaiju but they are interrupted by an onslaught from Miss Mech—a little girl that controls the giant mechanical robot and thinks Kei a villain. Once she understood, she called him a hero. He then realized the same thing Miss Mech did, that a lot of monsters aren’t bad and decided to make it his mission to help them, and show the world what heroes look like.



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