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Beautiful and feisty Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of famous monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Following her parents' breakup when she was two years old, Elsa accompanied her mother across Europe. Despite never knowing her father, Elsa remained curious about him. Though ignorant of her father's career, she was plagued by dreams about vampires and other creatures of the night. Shortly after Elsa's 18th birthday, Ulysses died and left his Boston home (the Bloodstone House) to Elsa and her pregnant mother, along with all of its contents, accumulated during his millennia of adventures. Arriving in Boston, Elsa encountered several unique individuals affiliated with her father: Charles Barnabus, a pureblood vampire lawyer and executor of the estate; the clerk Mr. Dluga, his teenage son Tomas and his vampire-hating grandfather Papa Dluga; and Adam, the caretaker of the house. Actually the Frankenstein Monster, Adam helped indoctrinate Elsa into her true heritage, offering her the mystic Bloodstone Choker which bonded with and empowered Elsa. Adam also gave her other items from her father's collection, including a mystic lamp that contained a captured djinn ("genie") and served as an early-warning detection system, glowing whenever a mystical threat was active in the world. Using the lamp, Elsa encountered Dracula in Bosnia and later helped the Living Mummy defeat resurrected Egyptian necromancer Rakses. Elsa then became embroiled in a Nosferati vampire plot to infect Dracula, Barnabus and other pureblood vampires with a virus, turning them into an eternal source of nourishment for the Nosferati. Elsa confronted Nosferatu himself, her Bloodstone Choker destroying the vampire when he tried to bite her. After those events, Elsa and her mother had elected to remain at Bloodstone House, turning it into a curiosity shop run by her mother while Elsa continues exploring the family vocation of monster hunting in between college classes.

Elsa elected to suspend her college studies upon being recruted by Dirk Anger of H.A.T.E. to fight Bizzare Weapons of Mass Destruction (BWMD) alongside Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, Aaron Stack, and The Captain (Nextwave). Shortly after this recruiting Elsa and her teammates found H.A.T.E to be funded by the Beyond Corporation, which is in fact a terrorist organization. Using a stolen business plan of the Beyond Corporation The Nextwave squad travelled across the country destroying hidden BWMDs which included Fin Fang Foom, Mindless Ones, and Forbush Man (although many of these may have been a type of clone, as the Beyond Corporation has shown ability to grow its own foot soldiers and superbeings). After the apparant destruction of the creative power behind the Beyond Corporation, Elsa and the rest of Nextwave next joined up as part of the Iron Man and the government's Fifty States Initiative.




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