Unrevealed, possibly KikaKika



Little has been revealed about the pink skin alien female's past history. Kika served as a member of the Omega Core. The pan-galactic peace-keeping force that was responsible for delivering criminals to the Kyln and assisting the Cleric when the interior wardens failed to keep the inmate population under control. Her partners were Cole and Swad. It was these three that allowed Thanos passage to Kyln as a pilgrim; it was during his pilgrimage that Thanos defeated the Maker and unintentionally freed the Fallen One. During the invasion of the Annihilation Wave Kika and the Omega Core were thought to have fallen victim to the brutal onslaught. However, Kika would later appear in Kree space, as a member of the United Front battling against Annihilus and his other dimensional minions.






Green, no visible iris


Pink with red streaks

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