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The Omega Core served as the pan-galactic peace-keeping force responsible for delivering criminals to the Kyln and assisting the Cleric when the interior wardens failed to keep the inmate population under control. The Omega Core was divided into precincts, and most units were based on Eden, a planet in Verge system 026 nearest to the Kyln. Eden was the gateway into the Kyln, via Phase Tube technology. It was members of Omega Core Precinct 666 (Cole, Swad, Kika), based in the Eden city of Frontline, who permitted the Titan, Thanos to enter Kyln as a pilgrim, ultimately leading to his defeat of the Maker, a prisoner within the Kyln's Creche who threatened all of existence with her unstable powers.

After Thanos' passage into the Kyln a riot broke out and Omega Core member Cole was questioned about Thanos being granted passage into the Kyln. Cole placed the blame on the religious Swad, for allowing Thanos into the Kyln as a pilgrim. After Swad was questioned Cole went into hiding fearing that the angry Swad would kill him. To ensure that Swad would not find him Cole joined other Omega Core members that phased into Kyln to stop the riots through brute force. It is unknown if Swad ever got revenge on Cole for his betrayal. The Core was also responsible for securing other highly powerful prisoners, which included the "Chaos Mite" Skreet and the former Herald of Galactus known as the Fallen One.

Upon the Annihilation Wave's arrival through the Crunch, Annihilus' forces immediately attacked the Kyln, tearing the Moons from their gravitational moorings and causing them to collide with one another, causing massive casualties among inmates and Omega Core officers and allowing several of kyln's most dangerous inmates, Aegis and Tenebrous to escape. Kika and Star-Lord (draftee into the Core) was among a few of the Omega Core members to survive the destruction of Kyln and she joined forces with Nova to battle the Annihilation Wave.

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