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Kly'bn's origin and birth are shrouded in mystery, although the Book of Worlds told of his destiny. He was one of the Fossil Ones, created by the great space gods. Unlike the Deviant bred Skrulls, the Fossil Ones can not alter their shape or appearance. During the great uprising of the Changing People against the Fossil Ones on the Homeworld of Skrullos, many of the Fossil Ones died a very violent death. Children put their mothers to the knife, husbands were slain by their wives, trusted servants decapitated their masters; Sl'gur't, the women leader of the Changing People led her victorious legions to the heart of the Fossil Ones' stronghold in the Valley of Esul, where she found the last of the Eternal Skrulls of Skrullos knelling in meditation. The knelling Skrull revealed that his name was Kly'bn and that Sl'gur't could not kill him because the two of them were one and killing him would result in her own death, as foretold by the Book of Worlds. After he finished his dissertations of the prophesies Sl'gur't found truth in his words and the two united to rule the Skrulls, their union exalted them to the plateau of godhood and they were drawn into Heaven.

After the horrific catastrophe known as Annihilation ravaged the Skrull galaxies killing billions of their race by destroying several planets leaving millions of Skrulls homeless. The ambitious Skrulls instituted a plan to take over the Earth. This plan would be forever known as the Secret Invasion. The plan was strategically put into action, the changing people infiltrated all forms of government and military units across the planet. The Skrulls even enmeshed themselves into the superhero communities across Earth. Learning of the Skrulls plan Athena called a mysterious meeting with a Council of Gods to select a team to combat the shape-shifting extraterrestrial invaders. The Olympians selected the son of Zeus, Prince of Power, Hercules. Hodiak and the gods of the North, selected the Slayer of the Tanarq, also known as Snowbird. The gods of the South chose together the great hero Tecumotzin, Lord of Flight, Ajak. The gods of the East met and chose August-Star-of-Morning, Amatsu-Mikaboshi from the Land of the Dead. Hawk-Headed Horus summoned, He who had fathered the Egyptian gods Atum to join this valiant band of warriors. There was one other member the Earth boy Amadeus Cho, together they took the battle to the door step of the vaulted Skrull gods Kly'bn and Sl'gur't.

Kly'bn battled and defeated the Eternal Ajak, while his wife fought the "Devourer of Gods" Demogorge who swallowed her whole, although the Skrull god of war was able to burst out of the belly of the beast, which apparently killed her combatant. Hercules came to the rescue of his fallen comrades and with the assistance of Snowbird they were able to apparently kill Kly'bn and Sl’gur’t was slain by the Japanese god of evil Miskaboshi, dissolving the prophesies of the Book of Worlds, which destroyed itself.









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