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The Krook King was the ruler of an alien warrior race known as the Krook, inhabitants of the planet of Kagan 7. The Krook King initiated a rebellion against the Omega Confederation who were profiting from the natural resources of Kagan 7. In an attempt to quickly and quietly squash the Krook King's opposition, the Confederation contracted the Deadpool Corps to do the job. However, Deadpool saw the mission as an opportunity to gain a major payday. By creating a media frenzy that would modernize the Krook and tie the hands of the Confederations, preventing them from bringing any further harm to the planet Kagan 7 and its inhabitants. Reluctantly the Krook King agreed to Deadpool's terms, but he became unhappy with all the attention and the development of his primitive and peaceful planet. The Princess Teela being young and idealistic, disagreed with her father and allied herself with Deadpool, together they set the modernization of Kagan 7 into motion, by buying weapons from Deadpool’s former love interest the intergalactic smuggler/arms dealer Broken Blade. These actions created a civil war between the Krook people, resulting in Teela being elected to the position of Queen. The Krook King found and ally in Lady Deadpool who agreed to help him win back control of his planet.









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