Seeking to lure Elektra to him and reclaim her debt to the Hand, Kuroyama set fire to her apartment and took her ward, Nina McCabe, hostage. Once she arrived Elektra immediately went on the offensive, but Kuroyama easily defeated her and forced her to watch as he tore Nina's heart out. After Elektra decided to wage war against the Hand for his dreadful act, Kuroyama returned with Nina, the newly resurrected assassin of the Hand. When it appeared Nina would not be able to best Elektra, Kuroyama renewed his fight with her, but Nina seemingly turned on him to repay Elektra for not killing her a second time. Kuroyama was dropped out of a window high above the city streets and appeared to fall to his death. Whether or not he died that day is unrevealed, but Kuroyama was present when Nina betrayed the Chaste and allowed an army of Hand warriors to enter their citadel. Kuroyama slaughtered the few surviving Chaste acolytes, ensuring the Hand's victory, and later helped Nina to frame Elektra for crimes perpetrated by the Hand before fleeing for destinations unknown.









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