Nina McCabe

Nina McCabe



Nina McCabe witnessed her father's accidental death during a battle between Elektra and Bullseye, and her life began to spin in a downward spiral. Nearly falling victim to a group of thugs looking to force her into a life of prostitution, Nina was saved by a guilt-stricken Elektra and eventually moved in with her. Over time the two women became close and Nina shared in Elektra's life and friendships, but she would soon learn befriending a former Hand assassin came at great risk to her well-being.

The giant ninja warrior Kuroyama sought to claim a debt Elektra owed to the Hand and took payment by tearing out Nina's heart, ending the young girl's life in front of Elektra's eyes. The Hand revived Nina, changing her into a lethal warrior, and sent her to battle their former servant. She lost the fight, but Elektra let her live, and in return Nina saved Elektra from Kuroyama. Nina alleged she wanted to break free of the Hand's influence, and Elektra took her to the Chaste for a chance at redemption. Once Elektra had gone, Nina revealed her true intentions and let an army of Hand warriors into the Chaste to take it over. Nina fled with Kuroyama after helping frame Elektra for crimes committed by the Hand, and her current whereabouts are unknown.









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