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Llyra is a half-Lemurian, half-Human hybrid with mutant powers. Prone on the conquest of submarine kingdoms, she is also a fervent devote to serpent god-demon Set, and threatened both mankind and water-breathers many times. She is obssessed with the absolute defeat of Sub-Mariner.

Origin: A Hybrid is Born

Rhonda Morris was the Human owner of an oceanarium in Molilii, Hawaii. One day, her employees were fishing exotic creatures and suddenly found a water-breathing, green man: Llyron, a Lemurian. Rhonda and Llyron met and fell in love with each other. They married, even although none of them could be for a long time in the other's environment. Llyron decided not to return to Lemuria, helping instead his wife to get exotic fishes for her oceanarium.

However, in a few months, Llyron died while saving Rhonda from a shark. Rhonda was by then pregnant, and she gave birth to a baby girl, Llyra. Llyra was anphibian and had several mutant powers. Firstly, she discovered her metamorphic abilities when she changed her natural-green skin color to look more like her mother.

As a teenager, Llyra suffered from multiple personality disorder: She believed that, when she changed to pink skin, she was a different person: An imaginary twin of hers, Laurie Morris. However, when she reached adulthood, she overcame this problem.

Ambition: Rise to Power

As an adult, Llyra decided to go to her father's land, Lemuria. She lived there and became the high priestess of serpent god Set. She also ingratiated herself with old despot Naga, and obtained his support for her through their mutual worship of the same religion plus other kind of favors. Thus, Llyra obtained more power for herself.

Naga eventually proclaimed that Llyra would marry his oldest living heir, Prince Merro. Merro was in love with another woman, Namora, but Llyra was quick to poison her. Although Namora survived in suspended animation, both Llyra and Merro thought her dead. Merro thus was forced to marry Llyra.

Naga intended to recover the Serpent Crown, an object of great power bestowed by Set. He had sent the Questers of Lemuria to search it. Naga telepathically monitored the best of the Questers, Karthon, specially when the mission was almost a success. Llyra was sure to be near Naga during this good news and to praise him. Pleased with her, Naga promised that she would become Naga's bride as soon as he were crowned again.

Although Naga recovered the crown, he faced Namor the Sub-Mariner, who opposed to his rule. Naga and the Sub-Mariner fought and eventually Naga was slain by Karthon. The people of Lemuria proclaimed Karthon their new king, and Karthon in turn promised to end with despotism.

Llyra noticed that Merro had became useless, so she poisoned him. She also intended to obtain the throne of Lemuria, getting rid of benevolent Karthon. She used evil schemes and her fish-control powers to perform a successful coup d'état, although she was forced to keep Karthon alive.

Days after this power shift, Namor travelled to Lemuria: He intended to sign an alliance with his friend Karthon against the surface dwellers's oceanic pollution. He was surprised to find the new queen, who tainted Namor with a scene of Karthon in chains, surrounded by sharks.

Namor challenged Llyra, but Llyra, unlike Naga, would not fight muscled Namor herself. She instead sent the most formidable sea creatures to fight Namor. Namor surprisingly prevailed against each of them.

During this fight, a sperm whale under Llyra's commands accidentally caused a rockslide. Llyra was trapped in it, and was seriously injured. Believing her to be dead, Namor took Llyra's body to her mother, so she could bury her properly. Karthon recovered his throne.

Marriage: The bride of the Sub-Mariner

Rhonda Morris discovered that Llyra was not dead, but comatose. Somehow, she obtained special technology to revive her daughter.

Llyra then went to Lemuria again. Her sole thought was revenge, revenge on Namor of Atlantis who had defeated and dethroned her. She recruited Lemurian mercenaries who would go to Atlantis with her during her scheme.

Llyra and the mercenaries kidnapped Lady Dorma, Namor's bride-to-be, and took her to Rhonda Morris's oceanarium. As Dorma was not an anphibian, she was to be kept in a water cylinder, or she would die.

Llyra then used her metamorphic skills to replace Dorma, and pretended to be her during the wedding ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was over, Llyra revealed her true face and proclaimed to be the Queen of Atlantis. However, the Atlantean law specified that the wife was still Dorma, even in absentia, not the person who had been physically there.

Enraged, Llyra escaped from Atlantis. Namor tracked her to the oceanarium. When she saw him coming, she broke Dorma's cylinder and escaped. Dorma suffocated and died before Namor could reach her.

Trust: Partners in Crime


Llyra then met Tiger Shark and his aide Lymondo. Tiger Shark was an enemy of the Sub-Mariner who had recently lost his water-breathing power, and he allied with Llyra when she suggested she could obtain machines to steal Namor's powers. However, Lymondo was disgusted by Llyra's conversatrion, and even asked Tiger Shark to kill him. Tiger Shark refused, saying that she was useful.

The three of them boarded a submarine and began their search. Llyra found Namor with some sensors, and used a submarine magno-beam to awake monster Krago. Namor and his ally, the Human Torch, fought Krago. Tiger Shark tried to captured Namor with a tractor beam, but he accidentally catched the Torch. They tried to send him out, but the heat affected the boat's controls and plummeted it to oceanic floor, crashing with Krago in the proccess.

Not one to feel defeated, Llyra prepared a trap for Namor by showing the Lemurian Crest in the port of Boston. Namor went to investigate it, but the Crest also attracted the Human Torch, Stingray and Diane Arliss (Tiger Shark's sister). Tiger Shark fought Namor again, unable to defeat him. Lymondo then tried to kill Llyra, but Llyra kidnapped Diane and used a mind vortex to extract useful information from her mind: Information on Namor's father Leonard McKenzie.

Llyra, Tiger Shark and Lymondo kidnapped Leonard MacKenzie from his nurse Sara. They then fred Diane, and wait for Namor to come in their submarine mobile base.

Tiger Shark then fought again with Namor. Llyra tried to keep Lymondo, and then she made Lymondo push both Namor and Tiger Shark to the sea. Lymondo had thought that Tiger Shark was an anphibian, and was surprised when he discovered the truth. Llyra then stunned both Namor and Tiger Shark with an electric beam. Lymondo took them both from the water, and swore to get revenge on Llyra.

Llyra then restored Tiger Shark's powers by draining them from Namor, and then jailed both Namor and Leonard.

They were then attacked by Stingray. Tiger Shark fought him, but they damaged the ship, making it prone to a fatal failure. Namor recovered and joined the fight. Although Lymondo tried to shoot him, Namor easily defeated Lymondo. Llyra then tried his shot at Namor, but was stopped by Leonard. Tiger Shark then threw a lead pipe towards Leonard and crushed his head, killing him.

Tiger Shark and Llyra escaped, but Llyra forfeited her alliance to him. Lymondo was believed to die that die.


Llyra found a more interesting ally in Byrrah, cousin to Namor and heir to the Atlantean throne. Llyra and Byrrah kidnapped Namor's other cousin Namorita to use her as a hostage.

However, during the fight with Namor, Llyra slipped in an oil stream in the oceanic floor. Apparently, she drowned.

She survived somehow, but for a long time she chose to swim low, to avoid being noticed.


Llyra's following scheme included stealing Spider-Man's spider sense and transplant it to Namor, which would drive him to insanity. She needed some surface allies to do so, nevertheless.

She used her psyonic powers to invoke a red, Giganto-like monster (and perhaps more than one monster) to stage an escape from Ryker's Island prison. She then rescued the Wizard, the Sandman and the Trapster, and became a full-fledged member of the Frightful Four.

For her scheme, Llyra impersonated Peter Parker's neighbour as a way to mentally enslave him, and she also fought Spider-Man in her true identity. Spider-Man would have died, if not for the timely arrival of Namor. Namor defeated Llyra and took her to Atlantis for judgement. She was found guilty and sent to jail.

Faith: Advent of the Serpent God

Llyra was rescued from jail by Ghaur. Ghaur was a Deviant priest-lord and a fellow worshipper of Set. He had brainchilded a scheme to bring Set to the Earth, but needed some help, including Llyra. Llyra eagerly accepted a role in this fanatic plot.

Ghaur wanted to gather all the Serpent Crowns in the multiverse, including alternate dimension Crowns, and fuse them in a giant crown through which Set would arrive to the reality. To do so, they would require four objects of mystic power, and also the sacrifice of an entire species. Llyra mischievously chose the Atlanteans for that role.

Ghaur and Llyra developed a drug to turn Humans into the Snake Men who were natural worshippers of Set. They also needed a way to distribute it without direct implication of themselves.

Ghaur wanted seven super-human females to be the Brides of Set, one for each of Set's heads. They would give birth to Set's children, who would in turn reign over other dimensions in Set's name. As the best candidates were not Set worshippers, Ghaur and Llyra would need to kidnap and brainwash each of them. The Brides were not chosen at this point of the planning, and the rooster would change during the scheme, as Ghaur and Llyra found worthy candidates.

Firstly, Ghaur and Llyra found Atlantean warlord Attuma and pretended to ally with him as partners for a triumvirate. Ghaur and Llyra explained Attuma that he was to attack the surface land and they would resurrect Set and share the world with him. Llyra, who reimposed herself as Queen of Lemuria, provided Attuma with Lemurian forces to use along with the Atlanteans, and they began attacking surface ships. However, Namor and Iron Man defeated this first wave. The arrival of the US Marines forced Attuma to retreat, but he was informed that Namor had died in this attack. Atlantean warrior Andromeda confronted Attuma for the attack on the surface and on Namor. She also revealed she was his daughter and then she began an Atlantean rebellion against him.

Meanwhile, Ghaur and Llyra contacted with mercenary group Serpent Society to obtain the four mystic power objects. Society leader Cobra formed four teams to go after the objects. Three of those teams were defeated by the X-Men, and the fourth was stopped by Mr. Jip. Former Society leader Sidewinder (who was no longer affiliated with Cobra) obtained the four items due to his teleportation powers. Ghaur and Llyra were satisfied enough to pay Sidewinder the fee.

Ghaur and Llyra then hired Tyrannus to distribute the serpent men drug. Tyrannus created and manage the Save Our Society Foundation, which looked like a drug re-hab program, but instead provided addicts with the new drug. He was stopped by Spider-Man, but Ghaur and Llyra thought that maybe there was enough drug in the streets to continue with their scheme.

With the giant Serpent Crown in the making, Ghaur and Llyra needed the sacrifice. They prepared four attacks for four parts of Attuma's Army: Cape Canaveral, Florida; Fort Hamilton Army Base, NY; Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, Shoreham Nuclear Plant. Attuma used four generals for this attacks: Tyrak (with Orka under his command), U-Man, Lord Arno and Warlord Krang. The Avengers defeated the four armies, which surprised Attuma only slightly. The Atlantean began to wonder why Ghaur and Llyra wanted him to use his own Atlantean troops for those attacks.

Attuma personally led an attack to a surfice purification plant that poisoned the seas. He found two surface superheroes knocked out: Beast and Marvel Girl. Attuma had previously fought Phoenix and mistook Marvel Girl with her. He decided he wanted to get revenge on her, and to mate with her. Attuma ordered to kill the Beast and tried to talk to Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl became hostile and Attuma had to fight him. He would have killed her, but she was saved by Andromeda, who wanted the Eldest Son Challenge. Attuma defeated Andromeda and was to kill her. However, Ghaur appeared and explained that he needed both Marvel Girl and Andromeda for Set, to be used as Brides, and took Andromeda away from Attuma. Attuma enraged and understood that they were no allies.

Attuma led an attack to New York, and at the same time Ghaur and Llyra destroyed Atlantis. However, Attuma's armies were defeated with relatively few deaths. As soon as Attuma discovered what had happened in Atlantis, he ordered a few retreat even as he was being arrested. Understanding that the Atlantean Attack was a diversion, the surface heroes allied with the Atlanteans to fight Ghaur and Llyra.

Ghaur and Llyra had finally built the Serpent Crown, and they had the Seven Brides under control. Those included Andromeda, Dagger, the Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl, the Scarlet Witch, the She-Hulk and Storm. However, too few Atlanteans had died, so the original scheme would not work at this point. Ghaur and Llyra looked for an alternative way to activate the crown. They used the power of the Scarlet Witch to activate a portion of Set's lifeforce in the Serpent Crown.

Doctor Strange, Thor, Quasar and the Thing, who were investigating the origin of the attacks, found Set as he was reaching our world, and launched themselves to Set's pocket dimension by entering one of his mouths. Set was forced to retreat to his own dimension to fight those four heroes. With the reluctant help of Atum, they defeated Set, cutting him in pieces and sending each of the heads to a different part of the multiverse.

With this defeat, Ghaur teleported with Llyra and the Brides to Deviant Lemuria, to try it again. The surface heroes attacked at once and Ghaur panicked. He extracted power from the Crown to protect himself and, by doing so, he fred the spirit of Naga, invoked from oblivion by the creation of the new Crown. Naga fought with Ghaur for the dominion of the Crown, and Llyra was surrounded by the heroes. Ghaur and Naga disintegrated each other. However, Naga recognized his daughter-in-law in the crowd, and teleported her away with a thought.

Motherhood: Reigning through her child


Many months later, Llyra reappared with a new scheme: She wanted to engender the child of Namor the Sub-Mariner, and use her child to access to the Atlantean throne. Namor was by then chairman of Oracle Inc. Llyra discovered Namor's business partner and almost-lover Phoebe Marrs, who had recently lost her abusive brother. Llyra took that chance to impersonate the deceased Desmond Marrs and appear to Phoebe as a ghost. "Desmond" blamed Phoebe of allowing Oracle to humiliate the name of Marrs. Llyra also supplanted Phoebe herself to enter Oracle to find records, and to try seducing Oracle security president Jim Hammond. This tactic distracted Namor's and his allies's attention towards Phoebe, while Llyra obtained some control.

Llyra then travelled to Oracle west and seduced its president Leon MacKenzie, under the guise of Phoebe. Leon was the grandson of Namor's father Leonard and his second wife.

"Desmond" then convinced Phobe to make sure that Namor would stay on Oracle building for the night. Again in disguise, Llyra spent the night with Namor. Only in the morning she revealed hserlf both to Namor and to Hammond. Namor would have killed Llyra in the moment, but she revealed to be pregnant, and he let her go.

Soon afterwards, Llyra arranged a meeting between Leon and the Sea Leopard, guardian of the Endurance. The Leopard would provide vibranium to Leon in exchange of one single follower to wroship the Leopard.


Llyra also wanted to speed the pregnancy and the child's growth, so she went to the Boundary Trench, to the cave of Atlantean outcast and genetist Vyrra, who lived in a clone of Dorma. Llyra of course was surprised to see Dorma. Llyra then revealed her state and goal, and Vyrra revealed his identity. Llyra agreed to an alliance with Vyrra, promising to bury him in Atlantis (a request to which Namor had refused due to Vyrra's crimes).

Due to the genetic modifications, as Vyrra discovered, the child would not have a mind of its own, unless a mind transfer were to be performed. Llyra accepted to copy her own mind in the child. Vyrra offered to alter the genetics of the baby boy to change him into a girl, but Llyra wanted a boy. Secretly, Vyrra also copied his own mind in the baby's brain.

Vyrra then placed baby Llyron in a biological time-decompression crèche. In minutes, Llyron reached 16 years old. He had Namor-like powers and all of his mother's as well, and showed reptilian wings in her ankles. As soon as Llyron awoke, Llyra broke Vyrra's neck and crashed the container to avoid the creation of any other boy like Llyron.

And then, they went to Atlantis.


Llyron and Llyra were identified by Atlantean Seth, who took them to the Council of Three. Llyra allowed Seth to capture them, but when she was taken to the Council, she proclaimed that Llyron was Namor's son.

Tiger Shark and his new lover Tamara Rahn had witnessed Llyron and Llyra approaching Atlantis. Tiger Shark, who had became an ally to the Atlantean people, was suspicious of Llyra and approached Atlantis to investigate. However, Warlord Thakos from the Council of Three thought it was an attack staged by Llyra. Llyra and Llyron offered to deal with the "invaders" as a proof of good will. Llyron defeated Tiger Shark and Llyra defeated Tamara. Their unconscious bodies were hung outside the city as a warning.

Tiger Shark's ally Remora, who had been watching from afar, looked for reinforcement and begged Namor, Stingray and Andromeda for help. Namor then went to Atlantis and challenged Llyron. Namor, a Human-Atlantean hybrid, was sterile and this is why he didn't believe Llyron was his son, even when Llyron reminded him of the night he spent with Llyra. The fight was so intense that Atlantis could have been destroyed. Namor, enraged, decided to go, taking Tiger Shark and Tamara with him.

Thakos cut inter-continental surface communications and recognized Llyron as King of Atlantis. Llyron then went to the United Nations to make Atlantis a member. Meanwhile; Llyra invoked different giant monsters to attack the surface, including Giganto and Hagfish. Namor went to fight the monsters, but Llyron accused Namor of bringing the monsters. Even although Namor tried to calm down one of the monsters while Llyron was destroying it, Namor was blamed by the press (including Trish Tilby), and Llyron appeared to be heroic. The United Nations accepted Atlantis.

Llyron then ordered to bury Vyrra in Atlantis, and to build a monument to his memory, which worried Llyra. Llyra was also worried because the Atlanteans did not trust her. Llyron remembered her that they had clonic minds, so he was to do what she would have done. One moment later, he accused Llyra to have stolen the Horn of Proteus and to have brought the monsters, and made her arrest.

However, Atlantis was soon shaken by earthquakes and Llyra had a chance to escape while Llyron was concentrating in finding the causes of the disastre. Llyron eventually led a massive Atlantean exodus and even ordered all the available Atlantean women to implantate a clone of himself as a foetus. However, eventually Llyron lost the crown of Atlantis and nothing came of this plot.

Llyra is currently at large and her whereabouts are unknown.









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