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Spacewheel used to belong to Inter-Stel Mechanics of which Judson Jakes headed up. Lord Dyvyne must have muscled Jakes out of his territory, forcing him planet side, as Dyvynities Inc. was put in Inter-Stel’s place. Dyvyne and Jakes became fierce competitors in the toy making industry which the Loonies of Halfworld so desperately depended on. The rivalry became deadly when Jakes sent one of his Killer Clowns to murder Dyvyne's chief toysmith, thereby starting a Toy War. Lord Dyvyne was no pushover because not only did he take over Spacewheel, but he stole the mercenary Blackjack O'Hare and his Black Bunny Brigade away from Jakes too. Each creature, having a formidable army behind them, had no trouble escalating their feud until all the inhabitants of Halfworld were threatened.

Lord Dyvyne devised a plan to kidnap the lovely Lylla in the hopes she would marry him and he would gain control over Mayhem Mekaniks – Lylla's family's company which Judson Jakes was running – but he also had to eliminate Rocket Raccoon – Lylla's one true love and defender of Halfworld – to be successful. When Blackjack O'Hare betrayed his reptilian boss by keeping Lylla for himself, Dyvyne let loose his most dangerous creation, the Red Breath, to eliminate his enemies. However, in a twisted turn of events, the Red Breath was destroyed by a group of Killer Clowns on Vacuusleds. When it seemed as if he wouldn't be able to defeat the pesky raccoon on his own, Dyvyne chose to form an alliance with Jakes to first rid Halfworld of Rocket Raccoon and his allies, and then each mogul would rule one half of the planet. Jakes agreed, but the two couldn't get along for any extended amount of time.

It wasn't long before their armies were defeated, and they were fleeing for their lives, but before they could reach safety, the Drakillar they were riding on couldn't stand their bickering any more and dropped them to their deaths.









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