Lylla the OtterLylla

On her home planet of Halfworld, Lylla the otter is a just caretaker to the criminally insane, and with her animal alliance, she protects her home no matter the cost.


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Lylla takes her responsibilities as protector on her planet Halfworld quite seriously. Without hesitation, she defends the Loonies, AKA Humans who are hopelessly insane, even if it means her possible death.


An Orphaned Otter

Lylla is a sapient otter whose parents own Inter-Stel Mechanics/Mayhem Mekaniks, a toy manufacturing company where toys are made for the enjoyment of the citizens of their home planet, Halfworld. When Mayhem Mekaniks chief toysmith, Judson Jakes, has her parents secretly killed, Lylla becomes heir to her parents’ toy-making empire. While Lylla becomes Jakes’ ward, he acts as guardian to Lylla’s fortune until she comes of age. She is also the alleged niece of Wal Rus.

She meets Rocket Raccoon, AKA Rocket, the defender of Halfworld, through her Uncle Wal Rus, and they become romantically entangled. The animals, including the trio, on Halfworld are pledged to protect the Loonies, who are in fact human but hopelessly insane.


Expert Swimmer

As an otter, Lylla is an expert swimmer and at some point becomes an adept hand-to-hand combatant, able to fight off attackers with a well-placed punch to the face. She is also highly intelligent, able to notice subtle differences in the environment, sensing when danger's afoot. Lylla is also capable of wielding firearms.


Criminal Competitors

Judson Jakes is an anthropomorphic mole that usurps Lylla’s company and he’s not the only one after her fortune. The serpent Lord Dyvyne and the mercenary Blackjack O’Hare are also interested in her company’s wealth and seek a forced marriage to Lylla, which would give them control of her business. While Blackjack makes enemies of Jakes and Dyvyne, who enter into a Toy War, he eventually joins Lylla and her allies.


Animal Alliances

Living on Halfworld, Lylla meets Rocket Raccoon through Wal Rus. Rocket romances Lylla though their romance does not last and she later marries one of his enemies turned allies, Blackjack O’Hare. Still, Rocket remains a steadfast ally and with Wal Rus, and Head Robot and his robots, they help thwart the two corrupt corporate stooges Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne, who attempt to control Lylla’s stake in her company.


Sink or Swim

Before Lylla was captured by Blackjack O’Hare’s Black Bunny Brigade, on orders from by the murderous mole Judson Jakes, she was able to send a distress call. The alert went directly to Rocket Raccoon’s space ship, the Rakk’n’Ruin which Lylla named. She warned them that they had launched an attack on their stronghold, the Cuckoo’s Nest. Lylla was taken to Jakes’ satellite headquarters, the Spacewheel, along with Gideon’s Bible, the greatest treasure in the Keystone Quadrant. Rocket and his new friend Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk, saved Lylla and retrieved the Bible from Jakes’ Chief Toysmith, the turtle Uncle Pyko who failed at translating it. He had also convinced the Hulk to return to Earth knowing he was a threat to Jakes’ operation.

While Rocket tried to make sense of the Bible, Wal Rus, and Lylla swam in an idyllic glen back on the planet Halfworld until they were interrupted by the Keystone Kops. The Kops informed them all that a Killer Clown assassinated Lord Dyvyne’s Toysmith. Worried that a Toy War was brewing between Jakes and Dyvyne, Rocket and Russ left to investigate. Though Lylla is left behind, she spotted a stoop-shouldered slouch stealing the Loonies Halfworld Bible, and realized that it was Pyko. She resolved to track him down but before she could, she was taken by Blackjack. Blackjack was sent by Lord Dyvyne to kidnap her and enact his plans to marry her, thus gaining access to her fortune.

When Blackjack realized that both Jakes and Dyvyne wanted the same thing but he was doing all the legwork, he changed course and decided to marry Lylla instead. While he was guiding her past a masquerade ball, he shoved her causing her to yell out and be heard by Rocket and Russ who were just outside. While Rocket is pledged to protect the humans of Halfworld, Russ liberated Lylla from Blackjack though during their escape Blackjack threatened Russ. Lylla offered marriage to Blackjack to save her uncle and as Jakes’ killer clowns attacked them, Lylla convinced Blackjack he had an ally in Rocket over his now enemies Jakes and Dyvyne. Blackjack then saved Rocket from Red Breath.

Taking refuge in a cantina, they find Pyko hiding out in the back. He offered to help end the Toy War if he would be made into the Chief Toysmith of the Keystone Quadrant. Lylla accused Pyko of stealing the Loonies’ sacred text though Pyko produced it and explained that he merely borrowed it to decipher its ancient runes. He found out about their shared history, that once they were pets to the Loonies. Pyko then suggested that they ally with the Robots who were originally put on Halfworld to protect the Loonies as well, but Blackjack teamed up with a bunch of mercenaries and held them all at gunpoint. Pyko revealed a hidden weapon and began attacking the mercs while Blackjack attempted to secure Lylla but she fought him off successfully using her skills in hand-to-hand combat. They allied with the Head Robot and it made toys to defeat their aggressors.

The toys, called Wonder Toys, were in fact helmets designed to cure them of their insanity and restore their lucidity so that they need neither Jakes’ or Dyvyne’s toys to entertain them. While the Loonies are restored, Jakes and Dyvyne teamed up and attacked. Thinking they were going to die, Lylla said goodbye to Pyko and apologized for thinking him a sleaze but the Loonies came to their aid and fought off both Jakes and Dyvyne’s armies. With the humans able to take care of themselves, Lylla along with her furry friends and the robots left the planet to seek their own destiny out among the stars.

Later, Lylla and Rocket part ways and she returns to Halfworld. She encounters him again on Halfworld with his traveling partner Groot attacking Blackjack. Having lost his memories of Halfworld, she subdued him for his own good. When he came to, she revealed their time together as an item, how he had left, and that she married Blackjack. Halfworld had again become a home for the criminally insane protected by the animals. Lylla and Blackjack helped restore Rocket’s memories which revealed to him that he was a hero on Halfworld, having saved them all from the alpha-class psychic Barry Bauman, AKA Star Thief. The Star Thief escaped and Lylla sedated the criminally insane inmates.

While Star Thief had brainwashed all the animals, including Lylla, Rocket and Blackjack teamed up and tricked the psychic back into containment. Restored to normal, Lylla then watched Rocket leave again and remained with her husband.










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