Mayhem Mekaniks, a place where toys were supposed to be made for the enjoyment of the citizens of Halfworld. The business belonged to the parents of the lovely Lylla until their chief toysmith, Judson Jakes, secretly had them killed and acted in their stead as head of the company. All Jakes wanted was for Lylla to marry him, so he could gain control of her riches, but Lylla already had the heart of another. Rocket Raccoon, defender of Halfworld, was the only one for her, and he would fight off any other suitors to keep her.

Jakes knew this, but with an army of Killer Clowns, Drakillars and hired mercenaries, the Black Bunny Brigade at his disposal, he didn't care. Lylla would be his bride one way or another. He had her kidnapped and brought aboard his Spacewheel when he was running Inter-Stel Mechanics, but Rocket gave chase as did Lylla's uncle, Wal Rus, and their new friend – the Hulk. The trio quickly dispatched Jakes' forces and Lylla was safe for the moment.

Lord Dyvyne, a reptilian toymaker, became competition for Jakes, and he also sought the affections of Lylla in the hopes of obtaining her fortune. It wasn't long before a Toy War broke out between the two animals, and in the chaos, Dyvyne had Blackjack O'Hare kidnap Lylla for him. Lylla, always true to Rocket, swore she would die before marrying either Dyvyne or Jakes. That may have been her fate if not for the staunch heroism of her one true love because, despite grim circumstances, Rocket and Wal triumphed once again, ensuring Lylla's safety. Lylla remained at their sides until the Toy War was over, and Jakes and Dyvyne were defeated. She decided to leave the planet with Rocket and many of the other inhabitants in search of more adventures.








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