Judson Jakes

Judson Jakes



Judson Jakes used to head a company called Inter-Stel Mechanics, with its headquarters in orbit in the center of the Keystone Quadrant on an elliptical space station called Spacewheel. His company was responsible for the creation of Killer Clowns as well as a multitude of deadly weaponry to be used against his enemies. Jakes thirst for power was insatiable, and he always looked for ways to gain more of it. One such occasion prompted him to order his hired mercenaries, Blackjack O'Hare and the Black Bunny Brigade, to steal an ancient relic rumored to possess the origin of the Keystone Quadrant called Gideon's Bible. At the same time, his assassins kidnapped the lovely Lylla, girlfriend of his archenemy – Rocket Raccoon. Jakes plan might have succeeded if not for the inconceivable arrival the jade giant, the mighty Hulk. Between these two heroes, and Lylla's uncle Wal Rus, Jakes' forces didn't stand a chance. Uncle Pyko, Judson's chief scientist, surrendered the book back to Rocket even as Lylla was rescued from her captors.

Sometime later, Lord Dyvyne, a rival toy mogul, must have muscled Jakes out of his territory, forcing him planet side, as Dyvynities Inc. was put in Inter-Stel’s place aboard Spacewheel. Dyvyne and Jakes became fierce competitors in the toy making industry which the Loonies of Halfworld so desperately depended on. The rivalry became deadly when Jakes sent one of his Killer Clowns to murder Dyvyne's chief toysmith, thereby starting a Toy War. Lord Dyvyne was no pushover because not only did he take over Spacewheel, but he stole the Black Bunny Brigade away from Jakes too. Each creature, having a formidable army behind them, had no trouble escalating their feud until all the inhabitants of Halfworld were threatened. Jakes and Dyvyne set aside their differences to negotiate a pact which would divide Halfworld into two equal territories for each of them to rule. However, Rocket Raccoon would have to be eliminated first. Even with their combined might, Jakes and Dyvyne couldn't agree on virtually anything, and their crusade eventually faltered.

It wasn't long before their armies were defeated, and they were fleeing for their lives, but before they could reach safety, the Drakillar they were riding on couldn't stand their squabbling any more and dropped them to their deaths.








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