Major Victory (Vance Astrovik)

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Vance Astrovik was the only son of a small town butcher and his wife in the Marvel Universe, the teenage Vance Astro was sought out by his older self from the 31st century. This alternete Vance Astro, would become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The elder Vance Astro intended to convince his younger self not to enter the astronaut training program and thus preventing the experiences and circumstances that would lead him to become a Guardian of the Galaxy. In their encounter, psychic feedback between the two counterparts brains occurred, unleashing the latent mutant psionic power of the younger Vance Astrovik. The psionic powers of the Guardian Vance Astro had not emerged until many centuries in the future. Hence, the meeting of the teenage Astrovik and the Guardian Astro marked the point at which two alternate timelines diverged.


(as an adult) 6'1"


(as an adult, with protective gear) 250 lbs.





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