When Quasar entered the Hub seeking to find answers, as to why they had entered the Earth's solar system, and were broadcasting the message "we come in peace" to the inhabitants of the planet. He was met by Ambassador D'melza of the Nanda, who introduced him to Peacekeeper-General Mduul, who was a green skinned alien humanoid being with an oblong head and no noticeable nose. Mduul, announced himself as a representative of the Charter an Intergalactic Peace Keeping Council that was seeking to have the Earth join them in their efforts to keep the peace between the civilized worlds of the universe.

Mduul escorted Quasar to his quarters for the night, but when he awoke from his sleep, Quasar found everyone on the Hub dead. Unknown to him they were killed by a plague created by Votan of the Axi-Tun race. Mduul's body was returned to the planet of M'Ndavi containing a plague which was released from his body at the funeral, quickly infecting and slaying the entire planet's population. Lord Votan's people made it appear as though the Pheragots were responsible for the genocide.

It is unknown if any other M'Ndavians where off planet at the time of this genocidal massacre.







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