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The origin of the small winged woman known as Meer'lyn is unknown, although it is known that she has been the partner of the mystic Darklore for centuries. While these two adventurers were on a mission to find a magic talisman needed to bring down the evil Count Abyss, they happened upon the cosmic warrior known as Adam Warlock. The golden warrior was lying motionless on the ground in a catatonic state. They tried to revive him, but failed. While attempting to wake Warlock, Meer'lyn was attacked by the Soul Gem and knocked unconscious. The Soul Gem being a sentient being, tried to convince Darklore into being its new host, but Warlock awoke and intervened. Warlock quickly regained control of the Gem and explained of his peril and how he had come to be in this predicament. He revealed that he was in conflict with his exorcised feminine self also known as the Goddess. Darklore directed Warlock to a rip in the dimensional fiber that he believed to be connected to the lost warrior and a pathway back to his reality. Meer'lyn and Darklore resumed their quest to bring down Count Abyss.

After finding the Talisman and finalizing their plan of attack on the fortress of corrupt despot Count Abyss, Meer'lyn and Darklore were interrupted by Warlock and the Infinity Watch, who were also planning to attack Count Abyss. The two teams joined forces and made a unified attack on the fortress of Abyss. Count Abyss quickly thwarted the efforts of both teams. Darklore was also captured after a valiant effort. Meer'lyn was snatched out of the air and squished by Abyss, who dropped her onto the floor. She was thought to be dead. Although, she soon recovered and retrieved the talisman from an unknown dimension outside of Abyss' realm of influence. After freeing the others, they eventually defeated Count Abyss. The jealous Meer'lyn watched as Darklore married princess Maya. She was the only surviving member of the Egolan's royal family. Meer'lyn and Darklore have not been seen these events.









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