The Mennonite is an assassin with bloody and brutal tactics who will stop at nothing to take out his targets.

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The Mennonite is a brutal assassin operating out of New York City.


Game Changer

When the Mennonite meets his wife, Mary, she saves him from his bloody lifestyle as an assassin, and inspired by her religious background, he joins the Mennonites. When Mary struggles from a debilitating illness, her devout husband, devout only to her, seeks money for a cure that the Mennonites cannot provide. So, the Mennonite takes a job from the gangster Don Rigoletto. The job: Take out the Punisher, aka Frank Castle.


Unconventional Weapons

Though a converted Mennonite, he does not hold to the religion’s non-violent teachings as seen in his choice to fall back on his former profession. He typically avoids guns and uses unconventional weapons as a sledgehammer, an axe, and even whistles commands at his horses to attack his enemies.


An Assassin’s Account

When the Mennonite faced the Punisher, they were equally matched in strength and endurance. During their fight, his resources became tapped, so the Mennonite tried to use one of the Punisher’s guns, but it electrocuted him. The shock was so severe that it prevented him from moving. The Punisher then dealt a deadly blow by pushing a safe onto the Mennonite, crushing his head.



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