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Shortly after discovering his mutant powers, Radio 1 D.J. Scott Wright was recruited by U.K. national security agency F.I.6, who codenamed him Micromax. After the agency’s Esper Division sensed a sinister presence behind druidic artifact thefts, Micromax was assigned stakeout duty within the premises where robberies were predicted. When Excalibur’s Phoenix (Rachel Summers) stumbled into one of the stakeouts, Micromax assumed she was the robber, missing the real thief, an invisible minion of the mage Necrom, whom Phoenix was battling. His interference allowed the real culprit to escape.

During a subsequent stake-out, Micromax clashed with Phoenix’s teammate Nightcrawler and his Technet allies, who were assisting Dai Thomas’ Inter-Regional Police Taskforce. Four days later, on a Birmingham stake-out, Micromax was knocked out by the robber, whom Nightcrawler’s team finally apprehended. When F.I.6’s Espers pinpointed the artifact thief’s controller, Micromax was disheartened to learn he was being held in reserve while others made the arrest; however, the target, Necrom, easily slaughtered the agents present. Micromax tried to save his superior, Brigadier Blott, but Necrom held him with a force field while the mage absorbed Blott’s lifeforce. When Necrom attempted to drain Wright too, Micromax rapidly shrank, passing out from the strain. Mistakenly believing Micromax dead, Necrom departed. Awakening, Micromax learned Necrom was moving to attack Excalibur, then aided the team and their allies in defeating the villain.

Later representing the U.K. at the first Pan-European Conference on Super Human Affairs, Micromax was hypnotized by the Nazi Brain Drain to slay the British Prime Minister, but was stopped by Alpha Flight’s Aurora before he could do so. Meanwhile, F.I.6 was dissolved, it surviving members absorbed into rival agency R.C.X.; Micromax turned them down, preferring to concentrate on his show business career. Not accpeting his refusal, R.C.X. kidnapped Micromax, placing him in stasis alongside similarly kidnapped Excalibur members. Freed by Nightcrawler, he assisted Excalibur in forcing a change of R.C.X.’s leaders. Soon after, Micromax joined Excalibur, accompanying them into Shi’ar space to rescue their teammate Cerise. His membership was brief; offered a Security Chief post by the Brand Corporation, Micromax moved to New Jersey. After Brand fired him, he attended the Otherworld wedding of Brain Braddock (Captain Britain) and Meggan. During the invasion and subsequent occupation of Earth by the interchronal conqueror Kang and his forces, Wright defended the planet against the invaders in Europe, alongside the Avengers and other superhumans. Wright has amply demonstrated his willingness to comply with authorities and his dedication to serve humanity's best interests and was recently recruited into Bishop’s squad hunting renegade mutants.


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