Doctor MinervaMinn-Erva



Minerva was an exceptional scientist and spy in the Kree military. She traveled to Earth because she gained knowledge that Captain Marvel had a genetic code that might unlock the potential of their race. Her intentions were to breed with him, and create a stronger race of Kree. As Doctor Minn-Erva she kidnapped Rick Jones, the one time sidekick to the Kree hero, Mar-Vell.

Minerva planed to use Rick as a hostage in order to reproduce with Mar-Vell and thus enable the Kree to overcome evolutionary hardship that had befell upon their race. Minerva’s plan was stymied by the director of the Kree Science Council, Phae-Dor. He stole Mar-Vell away from her, so that he could serve in the War of Three Galaxies. She had to wait to achieve her evolutionary goal. It saddens me to say that Captain Marvel died of cancer before she got to execute her plan.

Minn-Erva spent years on Earth, until Captain Att-Lass was sent to return her to Kree-Lar. Minerva had happened upon the Psyche-Magnetron and tested it on herself. The results of the tests were that she now had tremendous Kree powers and abilities. When she met Att-Lass she became attracted to him and allowed him to be enhanced by the Magnetron as well. Before leaving for Kree space they viewed a television broadcast of Quasar. They recognized his Quantum-Bands as the devices that were the prototypes for the Nega-Bands used by Captain Marvel. Att-Lass began calling himself Captain Atlas, he accompanied Minerva to the A.I.M. Weapons Expo. There they hired AIM to help them recreate the bands. Aim decided to send their female agent M.O.D.A.M. (Maria Pym) against Quasar. That planed failed, because M.O.D.A.M. proved to be no match for Quasar. Undaunted, Atlas and Minerva ambushed Quasar and attempted to steal his quantum bands, but failed. The two finally moved on to plan B. Atlas and Minerva broke into the tomb of Captain Marvel to steal his Nega-Bands.

The two warriors faced Quasar once more and were captured, in an ambush by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. The guards were defeated by Quasar’s friends the Avengers from Earth. Minerva and Atlas were taken captive by the Avengers. Atlas was freed from Avengers custody by the Imperial Guardsman known as the Hobgoblin pretending to be Doctor Minerva. Minerva escaped without any help later. Doctor Minerva then joined the Kree Starforce. Together they traveled to Kree-Lar to fight the Avengers.

The Shi'ar were planning their own attack on the Kree. The Shi’ar Majestrix Lilandra who had possession of the Nega-bands, had found a way to harness their power into a weapon. It came to be known as the Nega-Bomb. The Shi’ar launched an attack on Kree-Lar and detonated the bomb in Kree space. Doctor Minerva survived the detonation of the nega-bomb, but She appeared to have lost her and Atlas committed suicide because he felt betrayed by the Supreme Intelligence, who was the master mind behind the nega-bomb plan. It was revealed later that Doctor Minerva had survived and was merely hiding with Atlas on an uninhabited planet, where the Silver Surfer stumbled across them. They convinced the Surfer that Atlas was still suicidal and Minerva was taking care of him, but in reality their plan was to parent a new superior Kree race. It appeared that the Nega-Bomb have evolved these warriors by unleashing dormant genes within there bodies.

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