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Gideon Wilson used to be a reverend, but he did not always act the part. When his son Jim decided to leave school and travel to New Mexico, Gideon was furious because of the strings he had to pull to even get Jim into school in the first place; and he felt Jim wanted to waste his life, living in sin. Before Jim left, they exchanged harsh words which nearly led to violence, and Jim told his father they would never see each other again. Seeing reports on the news of Hulk (Bruce Banner) rampaging through New Mexico, Gideon prayed for his son’s safety, but years later, Jim died of the A.I.D.S. virus. Gideon instead blamed Hulk for Jim's death. At the funeral, General John Ryker disguised as a priest proposed an offer to Gideon to undergo experiments which would give him powers, making him an approximate equivalent to Doc Samson. Gideon agreed and became part of Ryker's Gamma Corps.

When Hulk waged war against Earth's heroes, blaming them for his wife Caiera's death, Mister Gideon fought him with the Corps. Grey, the Corps field leader, broke Hulk's neck, and Gideon had to wrestle Mess off their fallen foe as she wanted to make sure Hulk was dead because she erroneously blamed him for killing her son. The Hulk soon healed, and he made a bee-line for Ryker's base at the Staten Island Dump. Gideon gave chase with teammates Griffin (Eliot Franklin) and Prodigy (Timothy Wilkerson), but even their combined attack proved useless. Hulk forced Gideon to accept Jim died from the virus and not from his involvement with Hulk. Then Hulk snapped both of Gideon's wrists and crushed his hands. Realizing he wanted revenge for the wrong reasons, Gideon tried reasoning with Grey not to confront the Hulk but failed, and Grey rampaged through the base, destroying it. Mister Gideon tried to make Hulk understand his mission to avenge Caiera was just as misguided as Gideon's mission to avenge Jim, but the Hulk refused to listen and left.

Recovered from his battle with the Hulk, Gideon followed the rest of his team into hiding; fugitives from the U.S. government. When Iron Patriot found the Corps hideout, Gideon went along with the rest of his group and attacked, believing he was there to arrest them. However, Iron Patriot was only there to offer Gamma Corps employment within H.A.M.M.E.R., and Mister Gideon agreed to hunt down unregistered superhumans with the Corps.








None; formerly black

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