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Monark Starstalker – a name heard in most parts of the universe, and a name feared by those with a bounty on their heads. Once he was a rigger, his nervous system hardwired to his ship. On a routine patrol, he was attacked by hostile forces and was forced to flee through the core of a nova. His escape came with a high price. The ship was struck by massive amounts of the star's energy which flowed through the connecting agents at his wrists and spine, frying his nervous system, senses and memory. Another ship would eventually take him on board, but the doctors gave up on restoring him. However, beings he refers to as the Technos – presumably technologically based creatures – repaired him and gave him an artificial nervous system in the form of a cybernetic falcon-drone named Ulysses. Together with his android falcon, Monark Starstalker hunts the universe for some of the vilest individuals alive.

After the Shi'ar and Kree war had resulted in the creation of The Fault, a long lost Nova Corps starship, the Resolute Duty, suddenly reappeared. Upon further investigation of the ship, it was found to hold a Nova Centurion, several droids and one dangerous captive. Zan Philo had been missing for thirty-five years, but still held the Corps values above all, bringing justice to whatever universe he found himself in. Even though he already had a live prisoner in tow, there was one who escaped his notice. Monark Starstalker, known to Philo, had stowed away with every intention of bringing Zan's prisoner to the proper authorities himself because of the high price on his head. Using his Nano-swarm to disguise himself as Nova Centurion Fraktur, Starstalker ambushed Nova and Philo, proving to be more than a match for both of them. Even the added firepower of Morrow and Irani Rael couldn't turn the tide in their favor. To make matters worse, Starstalker's arrogance coupled with the immense damage done to Worldmind by his Nano-swarm allowed Ego to regain control of the Corps temporary base of Nu-Xandar as a group of Mindless Ones, following Philo through The Fault, attacked the starship, attempting to free their imprisoned leader.

While the Nova Corps had their hands full dealing with each catastrophe, Starstalker decided not to help since there was no money in it. His mind was soon changed when the Mindless Ones cut the main power to the Resolute Duty, allowing their leader to escape captivity. The monster set his sights on Starstalker, who was guarding the cell along with Irani, and blasted a hole through Starstalker's torso. What happened next was a complete surprise to his companion. Starstalker's body began to repair itself and Ulysses watched over it, preventing any outside aide, claiming the warranty on the Starstalker model would be null and void by the Technos Group. After the repairs were finished, Starstalker came online and Irani told him he was a Nanite Construct, which apparently was unknown to him. Realizing he knew less about himself than previously thought, Starstalker's free will suddenly outweighed his need for money. He helped Nova carry out his plan to rid them of both the Mindless Ones and Ego, and told Nova in this universe he was free, no longer subjected to the whims of others, and he was going to explore his new home and "live a little."




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