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Marc SpectorMoon Knight


SHE-HULK (2022) #8 cover by Jen Bartel


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Marc Spector was a successful heavyweight boxer when the Mutant-Human War broke out and all sporting events were cancelled indefinitely. With no direction, Marc joined the Marines. He was subsequently invited to join a small C.I.A. Black Ops unit created to disrupt mutant operations. During a mission to hinder Apocalypse's forces in Egypt, Marc was injured and left for dead in an abandoned temple. When he awoke, he found he had strange new powers.

Eventually, Marc made his way back to the United States and decided to return to boxing full-time. Unfortunately, the only place human fights were taking place was in secret in Hell's Kitchen. During his first fight it was obvious he was a superhuman, and Spector beat his opponent severely. Spector fled, afraid for his life, but was tracked down by Luke Cage, who invited him to join his underworld organization. Spector has been by Cage's side ever since.




225 lbs.


Dark brown



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