The highly-advanced mutant-killing robot Nimrod vows to see mutants meet their end.


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Nimrod is a highly-advanced robotic machine, capable of duplicating itself and uses its abilities to bring an end to mutantkind.


Systems Online

When Erasmus Mendel perishes during an attack on the Orchis’s Mother Mold, his wife Dr. Alia Gregor seeks to resurrect him and does so by providing a robotic body while on Orchis Forge—a space station. Placing his consciousness into a Nimrod suit, Dr. Gregor revives him but their reunion is cut short thanks to Raven Darkhölme, AKA Mystique, who had infiltrated the Orchis Forge with a bomb in tow to destroy it. Nimrod saves the Forge using translocation but ultimately sacrifices Erasmus’ consciousness in the process. Without a human consciousness guiding its actions, Nimrod sends Mystique through a portal to Krakoa—the sovereign mutant island nation-state—and exclaims that they are Nimrod the Hunter, swearing that it will see to mutants and their kingdom of Krakoa’s end.



Nimrod’s body is constructed with a self-healing and self-replicating material, so that it can duplicate itself fully. The body also contains an internal translocator to displace matter and mutant-detecting technology, allowing it to see through any deceptions. Nimrod’s body can project energy beams that result in a concussive force.


Mutant Foes

Since the mutant Mystique threatened to destroy Nimrod and the facility where it was created, Nimrod has a particular thirst for vengeance that extends to all mutants. 


Scientific Allies

Nimrod’s allies extend to its duplicated selves and fellow A.I. Omega Sentinel, and they work together to exploit cracks in Krakoa’s foundation. The pair lead Orchis, an anti-mutant organization that also includes Dr. Alia Gregor, Stark Sentinel, the resurrecting Moira MacTaggert, AKA Moira X, George Tarleton, AKA M.O.D.O.K., Kelvin Heng, AKA Feilong, Nathaniel Essex, AKA Doctor Stasis (the genetic template of Mister Sinister), and Sentinel Zero.


Targeting Mutants

Upon its birth, Nimrod’s human consciousness sacrifices itself to save the Orchis Forge and in that loss, due to mutant interference, Nimrod grew to loathe mutants, vowing to bring them to their knees. Leading Orchis and working alongside Omega Sentinel, they orchestrate a false-flag attack in Washington D.C. and an assassination attempt on Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. They attacked the Hellfire Gala and took out the Omega-level mutants first, starting with Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman, who apparently perished.



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