He is no mere panda…he is Pandapool, the species that endangers you!



Pandapool is a giant panda bear with immense strength, and joins the goody-two-shoe Deadpools from across the Multiverse to battle the evil Deadpools, who are intent on ending all of existence.



Pandapool possesses super-strength with a muscular build and can take out opponents with ease. He also has super-sharp claws and teeth.


‘Pool Friends & Foes

Pandapool joins the multiversal Deadpool Corps and Earth-616’s Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, to fight the Evil Deadpool Corps.


The Endangered Zone

Alongside Earth-616’s Deadpool, Pandapool joined him and the Deadpool Corps to battle the evil Deadpools from across the Multiverse. He fought with an animalistic ferocity on account of his nature as a giant panda, and defeated many ‘Pool foes. The enormous world-eater Galactipool arrived at the battle on the wrong side. 

While the good Deadpools fought the bad, Pandpool’s ally Wanda Wilson, AKA Lady Deadpool, asked them for some assistance against the many-armed Wanda Wilson, AKA Spiralpool. With ease, Pandapool launched a fence at Spiralpool, slicing her in half. Lady Deadpool then sacrificed herself to save them all from Galactipool. 

Pandapool and Deadpool joined A Watcher, who offered assistance to avert the death of the Multiverse. A Watcher whisked them away to the Nexus of All Realities in the Savage Land, but they arrived only to discover that the Nexus was burned out. Unluckily, Deadpool the Duck, Deadpool Dinosaur and The Murderous Moon-Boy, and D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. were there armed to defeat them. 

Pandapool immediately crushed D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. while Deadpool fought and defeated the rest. A Watcher then tore open the Nexus at his own sacrifice, sending Pandapool and Deadpool to face their enemy and defeat them. They faced their Deadpool enemies, letting them take out each other and taking out as many as they could, but Pandapool suffered a fatal blow to the chest.