Posing as an employee at Eric Masterson’s ex-wife’s gym, Salon Steele, Pandara was secretly killing some of the fitness center’s members by draining their life force with her mystical casket. Her disguise was forfeit, however, when she tried to take the life of Mary Jane Watson-Parker and drew the attention of Spider-Man and Thunderstrike. Pandara summoned a small army of demons to deal with the heroes, but when her minions were defeated, Pandara used her casket to summon a smokescreen so that she could slip into the sewers unnoticed. Making her way to a secret lair, Pandara evaded authorities but arrived to an angry image of her master, Lord Tantalus, who chastised her for almost jeopardizing his plans for war. S.H.I.E.L.D. had already been tracking Tantalus just as Code: Blue was tracking Pandara, and the two law enforcement agencies came into conflict with one another. This eventually led an uneasy truce, but information stolen from a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier pointed to the location of the female serial killer down in a subterranean sanctuary. Tantalus was not pleased as police closed in on her and sent his son Lucian, along with fellow Deviants Bristle and Schizo, to remedy the situation. Pandara was about to help as well, but she was surprised by the mysterious Blackwulf who restrained her until the authorities could arrive. Pandara was given a second chance when Tantalus sent another agent to aid her escape from prison, but with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents already in the precinct to take her into their custody, she would have to fight her way out. Using the magic contained in her casket, she summoned an army of demons to keep the police at bay, but she didn’t count on Thunderstrike to show his face again. With the meddlesome hero in her sights, Pandara was about to eliminate him for good, but police officer Jock Jackson took the blast that was meant for Thunderstrike and sacrificed himself to save the life of another. Enraged, Thunderstrike pummeled Pandara with his mace leaving her unconscious to be apprehended once more.









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