Princess Python

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A founding member of the Circus of Crime, Princess Python convinced the group to turn on their leader, Ringmaster, and appoint leadership to the Clown, opting to call themselves the Masters of Menace. After a confrontation with Spider-Man, the group was sent to prison. Later, they decided to return to the Ringmaster, and participated in several missions together, battling the Avengers, Thor, and Iron Man. During the battle with Iron Man, her pet snake was thrown into a vat of acid and died. Distraught over its death, Princess Python jumped in after it, but was saved by Iron Man.

Invited to join the Serpent Squad under Viper's leadership, Princess Python accepted and found a new pet snake. However, she eventually returned to the Circus of Crime, battling more super-heroes such as Luke Cage, Howard the Duck, and the Hulk. Later, she joined the Serpent Society, but found herself overwhelmed at the thoguht of battling MODOK. Unlike her teammates in the group, she had no super-powers, and decided to abandon the group during their mission. Sidewinder found Princess Python and tortured her, later returning her to the Circus of Crime after wiping her mind of all the Serpent Society's secrets. She also briefly served in Superia's Femizons.

Most recently, Princess Python has been seen battling heroes such as the Hulk alongside the Circus of Crime.




140 lbs.





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