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Nothing is known of Raoul Bushman's past before he led a team of mercenary soldiers fighting rebel forces in the Sudan south of the Egyptian border. Bushman's second-in-command at this time was the American soldier of fortune Marc Spector. Appalled by Bushman's atrocities in battle Spector resolved to leave his employ.

Learning that the archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune, Sr. had discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh Seti III near the town of Selima, Bushman decided to attack the town and steal whatever treasure Alraune had found. Fearing that Bushman would melt down the artifacts he had unearthed for their gold. Alraune attempted to kill him. Spector stopped Dr. Alraune, but then was sickened when Bushman savagely murdered the archaeologist. Spector found Alraune's daughter Marlene and told her to get to safety. Later, Spector angrily protested when Bushman had innocent civilians in Selima slaughtered. Bushman knocked Spector unconscious and left him in the desert to die.

Regaining consciousness, Spector wandered through the desert, by seeming chance, approached Pharaoh Seti III's tomb. There Spector was found on the brink of death by some of Dr. Alraune's workers. They brought him into the tomb. Spector was suffering from such great heat exhaustion that his heart stopped, and one of the workers pronounced him dead. While Marlene Alraune watched over him, Spector revived. He attributed his seeming resurrection to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, whose statue stood nearby. Spector draped himself in a cloak he took from the statue and declared himself the moon's knight of vengeance. In this new guise Spector defeated Bushman's forces.

Spector and Marlene Alraune returned to America, where he became the costumed crimefighter Moon Knight and they became lovers. Moon Knight later battled Bushman in America, defeating him both times.

Later, Bushman set himself up as general and president for life of the African country of Burunda. This funded his campaign of coca plant cultivation (for cocaine production). Defeated by Moon Knight once again, Bushman was deposed from his position in Burunda.

Still, later, Bushman engaged in a quiet assassination attempt on Russian ambassadors in an attempt to end Glasnost. He was defeated by Moon Knight and taken into police custody.




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