Published April 16, 2022

Moon Knight: Villains and Accomplices

His friends and his foes! Dive deeper into Moon Knight’s world with the characters that define him.

More than ever, people want to know all they can about the lunar legionnaire, AKA Moon Knight. Thankfully, there are plenty of notable comic runs to read starring Marc Spector (and his identities) whether he’s fighting crime as a solo vigilante or playing in the big leagues as a sometimes-Avenger.

However, you can't truly understand a person without also getting to know who they love, hate, and repeatedly punch in the face! With that in mind, here's a Moon Knight “Who's Who” of everyone—including the good, the bad and the grotesque. Read their comic stories now on Marvel Unlimited!

Here are some of the “good.” Moon Knight’s closest friends from MOON KNIGHT (2016) #5.
Here are some of the “good.” Moon Knight’s closest friends from MOON KNIGHT (2016) #5.
The first appearance of Moon Knight!

Though he would eventually earn his own ongoing series, Moon Knight debuted in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32-33 in 1975. In that story, he attacks teenage Jack Russell in his lycanthropic form on behalf of a shadowy organization called The Committee. However, after uncovering their plan to use Jack's blood to turn his own sister into a weaponized werewolf, Spector switched sides and helped free the captives. Though far from friends, Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night have crossed paths under a variety of circumstances since.


Frenchie quick on the getaway in MOON KNIGHT (1980) #3.
MOON KNIGHT (1980) #3

Before becoming Moon Knight, Marc Spector was a mercenary who began working with Jean-Paul Duchamp, otherwise known as Frenchie. In 1980’s MOON KNIGHT #1, the character informed Spector that their boss Raoul Bushman was worse than they thought. After Marc was attacked by his boss in the tomb of an archeological dig site (and encountered Marlene Alraune on the verge of death), Frenchie swooped in and got them both out safely. From there, Duchamp moved to New York City with the rest of the crew, often piloting the crescent-shaped helicopter that aided Marc in his quest for vengeance. Since then, the two have worked together and supported one another regularly.


Khonshu reigns over all in AVENGERS (2018) #35.
AVENGERS (2018) #35

Like Kitty Pryde once said about Professor X, Khonshu is a jerk. Sure, he saved Marc Spector's life in that tomb, but he also may have been manipulating him for years before that. Regardless, he chose Spector as his fist and avatar, though he often puts him down and tests him unnecessarily.

In AVENGERS (2018) #33-37, Khonshu pushed Moon Knight to help him take over the entire planet by stealing the powers of Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Thor. The Avengers came together to stop him and the God of Thunder took Khonshu into custody. As revealed in the most recent MOON KNIGHT #1, Spector rejected the god, but still dedicated himself to Khonshu's ideals as part of the Midnight Mission.


Preview cover to MOON KNIGHT (2016) #13.
Preview cover to MOON KNIGHT (2016) #13.

Fashioning his face into a skull and wearing metal teeth, terrorist-for-hire Raoul Bushman brought fear and death to many. Years ago, he hired a pair of mercenaries by the names of Marc Spector and Jean-Paul Duchamp to quash rebel forces in Sudan and plunder everything possible along the way. When Marc's conscience became a problem, Raoul knocked him out and left him for dead, but instead Marc wandered the desert until stumbling upon the temple that would turn him into Moon Knight. The two have tussled multiple times since then, including during Marc's early days as a vigilante in New York City. Since then he has become one of Moon Knight's major villains. Even in death, Raoul has haunted Marc, notably in MOON KNIGHT (2006).


A warm embrace in MOON KNIGHT (2016) #4.
MOON KNIGHT (2016) #4

Debuting in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #28, Marlene Alraune had been in North Africa with her archaeologist father Peter in search of the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti II. When Raoul Bushman and his crew came to town, they panicked and Peter was murdered after trying to kill the villain. Marlene scrambled to the tomb to remove the artifacts before Raoul could raid them. As such, she was present when Marc Spector stumbled in and seemed to die. She also witnessed Marc's supposed resurrection and the nascent days of Moon Knight.

Marlene apparently liked what she saw, because she began a relationship with Spector and moved to New York with him where he established the Steven Grant and Jake Lockley identities to make himself a more efficient crime fighter. Though their relationship has been complicated, the two seem to return to each other more often than not. She even shares a child, Diatrice, with the Jake Lockley identity. Because Moon Knight’s lifestyle comes with a great deal of endangerment, Marlene has since moved away with their daughter and cut ties.


Crawley's backstory in MOON KNIGHT (1980) #2.
MOON KNIGHT (1980) #2

In his quest to learn everything he could about New York's underworld, Spector utilized the Jake Lockley persona to absorb as much as possible. However, the cabbie could not do it all himself. He also received information from the loquacious Bertrand Crawley, a philosophical man who wanders the streets of the city gleaning every bit of intel to pass along to Moon Knight. Crawley would explain in MOON KNIGHT (1980) #2 that he used to lead a typical life as a textbook salesman with a wife and kid, but he fell victim to the drink. His wife couldn't take his self-destructive streak and left. He responded by diving even further into his addiction, leaving his life and home behind. As with just about anyone who entered Spector's orbit at this time, he and Crawley found themselves crossing paths on a semi-regular basis.


Gena Landers is the owner of Gena's Diner.
MOON KNIGHT (2016) #4

Much like Crawley, Gena Landers also became an important part of Marc's early days as Moon Knight. She owned and operated Gena's Diner which Lockley and Crawley both frequented as did her two sons Ricky and Ray. The teen boys also wound up helping Moon Knight on more than a few occasions. Both she and Crawley made their first appearances in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28.


Hunter's Moon encounters Stained Glass Scarlet in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #8!
Hunter's Moon encounters Stained Glass Scarlet in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #8!

The woman known as Stained Glass Scarlet spent three years living in a dilapidated church in the South Bronx. The victim of awful men for a good majority of her life, she crossed paths with Moon Knight when she went out to kill her own son, an escaped criminal known as "Mad Dog." From there she decided to become a crossbow-wielding vigilante herself, cleaning up the streets in her own murderous way. She has since died and, as chronicled in MOON KNIGHT #8 from the current series, gone on to become a living legend made out of stained glass! For reasons yet to be explained, she once shared a psychic rapport with Moon Knight.


Cover to MOON KNIGHT (2021) #4.
Cover to MOON KNIGHT (2021) #4.

Marc Spector switched coasts and went out to California after the West Coast Avengers encountered Khonshu in the past. His time with the team began in WEST COAST AVENGERS (1985) #21 and carried through issue #41 when an unfortunate encounter with the lunar deity left him reeling. During that time though, Moon Knight did begin a relationship with his teammate Tigra. Though it did not work out between them, the pair have made amends since, with Greer Nelson recently lending a hand (and a listening ear) in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #4.


Randall Spector reveals himself to Spector.

Marc's younger brother Randall spent his youth trying to live up to his brother's perceived perfection. He also became a soldier and then a mercenary. In that course, he killed nurse Lisa Maloney, a woman who Marc was interested in. To attain vengeance, Marc attempted to kill his brother with a grenade, but Rand survived and would go on to seek revenge himself. He later joined up with some rebels in Africa, the very ones who were attacked by Raoul Bushman right before Marc became Moon Knight! Further aggrieved, Rand has taken on a variety of identities in his own crusade including Hatchet-Man, Shadowknight, and Night Shadow.


Arthur Harrow is up to no good in MOON KNIGHT (1985) #2.
MOON KNIGHT (1985) #2

Wracked with what he considered "grotesque paralysis and agonizing pain," the egomaniacal Dr. Arthur Harrow experimented on humans in an effort to heal himself. Using Nazi medical information acquired by the mysterious O.M.N.I.U.M. group, he worked on his pain project in Yucatán until Moon Knight stumbled onto his existence by way of the kidnapping of Dr. Grail, the scientist who uncovered the real source of Harrow's information. Harrow only has one appearance in MOON KNIGHT (1985) #2, but it sure left an impact!


Echo is frustrated by a masked Moon Knight!
MOON KNIGHT (2011) #9

During another relocation to California in MOON KNIGHT (2011), Marc not only imagined conversations with Captain America, Iron Man, and Wolverine, but had real ones with Echo! Maya Lopez had been working undercover out there when she ran into Spector on a case involving an Ultron head he recovered. They teamed up and he began to have feelings for her, but that was interrupted by her (apparent) death at the hands of Count Nefaria in issue #9.


The Sun King enflamed in Ravencroft Institute!
MOON KNIGHT (2016) #188

Having survived incredible trauma, the man known as “Patient 86” at the Ravencroft Institute soon revealed himself to be the flame-wielding representation of the Egyptian sun god Amon Ra. He debuted in MOON KNIGHT (2016) #188 and appeared in every issue until the series wrapped with issue #200, offering up plenty of trouble for Spector as his equal and opposite! He even teamed up with Raoul Bushman and threatened Marlene and Diatrice, but the pair of baddies wound up working together to stop their common enemy.


Reese makes sure Moon Knight gets his coffee.
MOON KNIGHT (2021) #1

In the first issue of the current MOON KNIGHT series, the hero came into contact with a young woman named Reese who had been turned into a vampire after being kidnapped by the perpetrators of a pyramid scheme cult. He spared her life and set her up as part of his Midnight Mission, an organization dedicated to helping people and those who travel at night. This former vegan now drinks blood to survive and is the receptionist for Mr. Knight!

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