The Complete History of Wolverine: Cheating Fate

Part 5! The conclusion to Wolverine’s comics history... but the journey has just begun.


The Complete History of Wolverine: From Weapon X to X-Man

Part 4 of Wolverine’s chronological comics history! Logan hits his lowest point, but he can only go up from here...



For more than a century, Romulus has been obsessed with creating a perfect weapon, toying with the lives of men and the destinies of countries in order to achieve his goals. Romulus considers himself the perfect predator, and has spent decades building a power base so he can devise a weapon that will eventually kill him and take his place. Operating from behind the scenes, and using political contacts, torture, kidnapping, and blackmail, Romulus and funded wars across the world and worked to make men as violent and deadly as possible. He saved the future Cyber from execution for mass murder and made him a trainer at his camps. Finally finding his perfect weapon in Wolverine, Romulus sent the man into multiple wars and government organizations, making him a hardened weapon and repeatedly manipulating his memories. Any time Wolverine came close to finding peace, Romulus shattered that happiness, generally by sending Sabertooth or others to kill someone Wolverine cared about. He saw Wolverine's skeleton encased in Adamantium, and raised Daken similarly as a weapon. The two killers battled Wolverine and Skaar, and the confrontation ended with Romulus' and Daken's escape. However, Daken betrayed Romulus by attempting to kill him with his Muramasa claw, but Romulus was rescued from death by Wolverine and Cloak who left him stranded within the Darkforce Dimension.








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