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Sabretooth's history is as sordid as it is noble. The feral mutant was one of Apocalypse's initial recruits. With no place else to go, and happy to be welcomed anywhere following a nomad-like existence, Sabretooth embraced his newfound role. In the early days, Sabretooth used his animal ferocity to move up Apocalypse's chain of command to become a Horseman.

Sabretooth was Apocalypse's leading hound. He was in charge of finding mutants and bringing them back for training or, unknown to Sabretooth, to be deposited into Sinister's Breeding Pens for genetic experiments. While leading a team of Infinites on a "recruiting" mission in Chicago, Sinister encountered a young girl named Kitty Pryde. The girl was raw but aggressive and gave Sabretooth a great deal of trouble. He finally cornered the girl when the X-Men arrived. Sabretooth and Colossus battled viciously; Sabretooth retreated when his Infinite forces were destroyed. He returned to Apocalypse a beaten man.

During his time back at Apocalypse's home base, Sabretooth began to question the treatment of his fellow mutants in the Breeding Pens. Not willing to actually voice his dissension, Sabretooth continued on as Apocalypse's hound. He was then sent to Florida along with four of Apocalypse's Horsemen to seize the nuclear armaments in that region. Unknown to Sabretooth, the Horsemen were actually going to launch the missiles at different sites around the world. When the true nature of the mission was revealed, Sabretooth tried to prevent it from happening, but was stopped by his fellow Horseman Candra. When the X-Men arrived to stop them, Candra released Sabretooth to fight their common enemy. Sabretooth's spine was severed by Weapon X and he was taken back to Apocalypse to heal.

Sabretooth was punished but Apocalypse knew the mutant's worth and returned him to his job of tracking new mutants. While in California, Sabretooth discovered a group of young children hiding beneath the sports arena called the Forum. Realizing if any of the other Horsemen discovered the children they would be killed, Sabretooth attempted to lead them to safety and failed in the attempt. Discovered by Holocaust, Sabretooth fought his fellow Horseman in an attempt to give the children time to escape. Some of them did, but most were killed or captured.

Holocaust beat Sabretooth severely and delivered him to Alcatraz, which was used to punish traitors to Apocalypse's cause. Sabretooth was deposited in the same cell as a young feral mutant named Wild Child. The two of them fought for days. It was not until Sabretooth completely unleashed his animal side that he was he able to defeat Wild Child. Surprisingly, Wild Child became completely obedient to Sabretooth following this beating. The two of them escaped Alcatraz and fought their way out of the country. Sabretooth made his way to Wundagore Mountain and, following a tense moment during which Weapon X was ready to murder him, he was accepted into the X-Men fold.

As a member of the X-Men, Sabretooth would immediately prove his worth. He led the X-Men to many of Apocalypse's secret mutant breeding areas. At one of these areas he and Weapon X discovered a young mutant named Blink. Sabretooth, recognizing her as one of the children from beneath the Forum, took her under his wing, raising her as his own. She would become like a daughter to him, the two of them would providing each other with the family neither one ever had.

After Blink discovered a new round of cullings occurring in Chicago, Sabretooth went with the X-Men team dispatched to deal with the threat. He asked Blink to teleport him to fight Holocaust and, reluctantly, she did. While Sabretooth fought his nemesis, Wild Child discovered the location of the Infinite processing plant in Indianapolis. Wild Child escaped with the information and delivered it to Rogue. Sabretooth was able to tear Holocaust's armor before he fell from his injuries. Holocaust was unaffected and left Sabretooth for dead.

Sabretooth would recover in time to join the X-Men when they teleported into Apocalypse's base in New York City. During the battle, Sabretooth mysteriously disappeared.

Sabretooth had in fact become displaced in time. Taken by the Timebroker, he was placed in charge of a reality-hopping team named Weapon X that was responsible, like the Exiles, for repairing the broken chains of time. It is unknown what would happen to Sabretooth's reality if not for his cooperation. Once again, like his time with Apocalypse, Sabretooth was placed with a group that was more brutal than his true nature, Weapon X. He would sometimes be in conflict with the other more devious personalities on his team, including Deadpool and Spider.

On one of their initial missions, the Weapon X team was sent to a reality where Wolverine remained with Alpha Flight. On this world they were told by the Tallus to capture the Hulk. The team failed, but Sabretooth did see his foster daughter Blink and discovered she was a member of a separate reality-hopping team. For some reason, despite not completing their mission, Weapon X was teleported away. Hoping against hope to see her again, Sabretooth completed the missions given to him by the Tallus as best he could.

On a world controlled by Sentinels, Sabretooth finally received his wish. He was reunited with Blink and the two teams worked together to save a young boy named David Richards. When it was revealed the teams were actually supposed to kill the Richards boy before he could become a monstrous ruler, the two teams disagreed. Weapon X had no problem with the order; the Exiles did. Sabretooth did not want to harm a child and actually killed Deadpool, a member of his team, to prevent it from happening. Sabretooth sided with the Exiles and they were successful in defeating Weapon X.

He then offered to stay with the boy and to raise him to be a good man. The Timebroker agreed and left Sabretooth with David Richards to raise him as his own. Blink and Sabretooth said their goodbyes and the Exiles were teleported away.

Sabretooth remained in this reality. Eventually, after approximately twenty years had passed for Sabretooth, he was rejoined by Blink after she had completed her time with the Exiles. When Blink later returned to the Exiles, she was reluctant to speak about her time with Sabretooth and David Richards, but it was clearly a difficult experience. Now that Sabretooth has once again joined forces with the Exiles, it remains to be seen how that horrible experience has affected the deep bond between himself and Blink.

Recently, Sabretooth was absorbed by the Crystal Palace.




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