Admiral Salo was ordered to break formation with Annihilus’ flagship in the Annihilation Waves’ control section and use the Harvester of Sorrows (super weapon created by Hawal) to lead the incursion of the Skrull dominated Andromeda Galaxy. Within ten days of the Waves infiltration into the Andromeda Galaxy, Admiral Salo had completely crippled the outer periphery of the Skrull Empire. Using the Harvester of Sorrows to consume entire planets and causing two entire Skrull star systems to completely drop off of the Nova Corps' universal star grid. Admiral Salo’s armada had reached the planet of Aks’lo, within the Andromeda Galaxy. This was a remote world which once served as a wildlife sanctuary. It was enjoyed by the Skrull Empress and her most trusted advisers. Seeking to use the planet's essence to power the Harvester, Salo deployed the Annihilation Wave's ground forces to destroy any Skrull anti-air craft batteries. Thus clearing the way for the Harvester feed on the defenselessly planet. Although the planet Aks’lo appeared to be deserted the Waves’ ground forces soon realized that they had been ambushed, by a legion of Skrulls who had shaped-shifted into the planets vegetation. The Skrulls were vastly out numbered and, even with the assistance of the Super Skrull (Kl’rt), they were no match for the Annihilation Wave. Salo deployed the Harvester of Sorrows and destroyed Aks’lo to energize his forces. Later Salo charted a course for the Skrull Empress’ core worlds.

Among the Skrull worlds that Salo had targeted was Zarags’na, the ancient capital of the Skrull Empire which now served as a cultural capital. According to Skrull religion, this was the spawning ground of Sl’gur’t, the Skrull God of War. But, more importantly Zarags’na was the home world of Sarnogg, the only son of Super Skrull. This led to Super Skrull leading a ragtag army of escaped prisoners from the Negative Zone UX-73 prison planetoid. Praxagora and Preak were among this group of escaped warriors. Together they defeated the evil twisted scientist to Annihilus, Lord Hawl.

They confronted Salo with a virus developed by Lord Hawal. The virus was capable of destroying the Harvester of Sorrows. Super Skrull’s plan was executed with precision; the only flaw was that he had a traitor in his ranks. The young mechanic Skrull R'kin had made a secrete deal with Salo. The deal would bring him a huge bounty if he delivered the Super and his army to the Wave. Salo made Super Skrull watch as he destroyed Zarags’na with the Harvester of Sorrows. It was believed that Super Skrull’s son Sarnogg met his death in the planets destruction. The infuriated Super Skrull subsequently used his hypnotic powers on R’kin to free himself. R’kin, tried to escape the Harvester in a shuttle, yet he was captured and tortured. The young Skrulls appendages were cauterized and burnt with fire so that he would not die. Salo was brutally slain, and Harvester of Sorrows destroyed.




145 lbs


Green (compound eyes)



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