Unlike her older brother, Satana embraced the teachings of her father, an arch demon commonly known as Satan. Her mother had secretly been a pawn of the Chapel of Drasden (a Satanic cult that sought to create human-demon hybrids to take over the world), but she was driven mad after witnessing her six-year-old daughter perform a ritual sacrifice under her father's direction. Satana was then taken to Hell and tutored by Dansker and Dame Aramanthe. She gained the feline familiar Exiter and the companion Zannarth and was bonded to the powerful Basilisk. As a young woman, Satana was banished to Earth, apparently by a cabal known as the Four. Living in Los Angeles, she befriended some Satanists, such as Ruth Cummins and Gloria Hefford, and others such as former priest Michael Heron as she opposed the Four. When Satana learned Satan had orchestrated the Four's attacks on her (to test her loyalty and power), she rejected her father. The Camarilla of the N'Garai, a cult worshipping the spawn of the Elder God Chthon, then erased Satana's memory and trapped her in human form as Judith Camber until she recovered and unleashed the Basilisk, slaughtering her foes. Gaining independence with each use, the Basilisk eventually turned against Satana; she sacrificed her own life to slay it, returning to Hell.

She was returned to Earth when Reverend Joshua Crowe was duped by Satan, bringing souls from Hell to inhabit previously comatose bodies (Crowe incorrectly believed he was saving innocent souls). Taking the form of Julia, Satana consumed Crowe's soul, increased her power via consuming more souls than she required, and began assembling an army to war on her brother, who had taken over their father's realm. Under unknown circumstances, Satana returned to Hell until being restored by Doctor Strange, who joined her with Topaz and Jennifer Kale to end the threat of the Hellphyr. Satan revealed he had orchestrated this threat to eliminate all other magic users on Earth so he could retake his realm, but Satana turned against him again, helping to destroy the Hellphyr. The three Witches have remained together to oppose similar threats.




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