Sentry 459

Sentry 459

Built to protect outposts of the Kree race, the robotic Sentry 459 is no mere robot—it is a living guard trained by the Supreme Kree and carries out its duties loyally on Earth.


Flashback Friday: Captain Mar-vell


Flashback Friday: Captain Mar-vell

See how a Kree warrior went from spying on Earth to protecting it!



Designed by the extraterrestrial Kree, Sentry 459 is a robot that guards military outposts and depots throughout the Kree Empire and beyond, and is most often assigned to Earth where it battles the First Family and the planet’s mightiest heroes.


Inhuman Overseer

Twenty-five thousand years ago, the Kree realize the potential for superhuman abilities that lay within humans. The Kree begin to establish bases on Earth to experiment on humans and create the original Inhumans. They post several of their Sentries on islands in the Pacific Ocean, with Sentry 459 charged with monitoring the Inumans’ development.


Robotic Construct

Built like all Kree Sentries, Sentry 459 is programmed with limited faculties for independent thought, usually requiring instruction from a recognized superior in the field. Sentry 459 can fly at Mach 2 in virtually any environment with their jet boots. The Sentry’s palms contain a powerful air jet that can generate hurricane-intensity blasts.

Sentry 459 can also emit various forms of energy blasts from their eyes and hands; their most powerful energy-based power is generating “collodial atoms,” which manifest as a powerful force field to contain opponents.

With remarkable self-repair faculties, Sentry 459 converts virtually any substance into a replacement part. Sentry’s parts can continue to function even after being separated from its body, and it can avoid destruction as long as their central processor is intact. Sentry 459 can access various Kree weapons such as the beta-gun energy weapon, the Stimulator, which can awaken dormant Kree creatures, and the Vibro-Screen, an anti-aircraft field.


Enemies on Earth and Beyond

Sentry 459 faces many foes, most notably those on Earth such as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. But, Sentry 459 faces the Kree Mar-Vell, AKA Captain Marvel, leading to its destruction.


The Heavy Hitters

Sentry 459 is loyal to its makers, the Kree, and when in trouble, it sends distress signals to Ronan the Accuser who in turn sends in the Kree Colonel Yon-Rogg as backup.

Sentry 459 later joins a group of the most dangerous robots ever created known as Heavy Metal. Led by former A.I.M. android Super-Adaptoid, the team consists of Sentry 459, World War II robot TESS-One, and lone survivor of a failed government project, X-51, AKA Machine Man.


A History in Parts

Around 18,000 BC, Sentry Sentry 459 visited the Inhumans’ capital, Attilan, and learned they unlocked their superhuman potential through Terrigen Mists. Sentry 459 informed the Inhumans’ leader, Randac, when they next met the Kree it might be as enemies, then returned to its island base, Outpost 10.

Outpost 10 was visited in recent times by archeologist Dr. Daniel Damian. Damian’s presence awoke Sentry 459, who was startled to find how much the Earth had changed since its last activation. Sentry 459 was found by the Fantastic Four, who rescued Damian. Sentry 459 sent the Kree a distress call to prevent Outpost 10 from being captured and seemingly destroyed itself. Sentry 459’s distress signal soon brought Ronan the Accuser to Earth, who in turn sent Colonel Yon-Rogg on an exploratory mission. Sentry 459 was retrieved from Outpost 10’s wreckage by the United States Army, which housed its body at Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center, unaware it was self-repairing. When Yon-Rogg’s subordinate Captain Mar-Vell began working at Kennedy disguised as the human Dr. Walter Lawson, Yon-Rogg saw an opportunity to eliminate his perceived rival. Yon-Rogg awoke Sentry 459, and it began to destroy Kennedy. When Mar-Vell ordered Sentry 459 to cease its destruction, Sentry 459 tried to destroy him as well, believing the base had to be destroyed to protect itself. Mar-Vell broke open Sentry 459’s chest and used his uni-beam’s magnetism to fuse its parts together; Sentry 459 suffered a catastrophic explosion, and its remains were placed back under observation.

Later, Phillip Masters, AKA Puppet Master, and Mad Thinker made a less-powerful Sentry Sentry 459 robot double and sent it against the Fantastic Four, only to see it destroyed by Ben Grimm, AKA the Thing.

As a Kree-Skrull War was about to break out with Earth as a pivotal player, Ronan revived Sentry 459 from Cape Canaveral and sent it to capture Mar-Vell. Sentry 459 fought off the Avengers and brought Mar-Vell to Ronan’s Alaskan base for execution, but the Avengers pursued them; Ronan used his Universal Weapon to place Clint Barton, AKA Goliath (later Hawkeye) under Sentry 459’s mental control, but when Ronan learned the war with the Skrulls had started, he abandoned Sentry 459, teleporting to Kree space; Sentry 459 tried to salvage Ronan’s base, but was trapped inside as the Avengers brought it down.

Sentry 459 was retrieved from the wreckage by Kree scientists Mac-Ronn and Tara. They wiped clean Sentry 459’s programming and prepared to transport it elsewhere to be repaired, but their ship was shot down by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and Sentry 459 landed near Mexico City. Sentry 459 was found by Raoul Escheverra; Sentry 459 used Escheverra’s personality as its imprint to repair its programming. Sentry 459 went on a rampage in Mexico, battling Mar-Vell and transforming Escheverra’s friend Esteban Carracus into the Cheetah. However, Ronan returned and interfered with the battle, until Mar-Vell destroyed Sentry 459’s legs, toppling it on Ronan, smashing it to pieces.

Sentry 459 was used as a tourist attraction on a Texas farm after its defeat, but was finally revived by the Super-Adaptoid, who recruited it into his “Heavy Metal” team, using Sentry 459 and other robots in a raid on Avengers Island; Sentry 459 was defeated by the Avengers’ ally Marrina Smallwood MacKenzie, AKA Marrina. Sentry 459 was held in stasis on Avengers Island with the other captured robots until the facility was sunk by Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, allowing it to escape.

Sentry 459 was finally found by Ultron, who reprogrammed it to serve him as he transformed Ottsville, Pennsylvania’s population into robotic beings. Henry Pym, AKA Giant-Man, and the Underground Legion opposed Ultron, and Giant-Man’s shrinking powers reduced Sentry 459 to roughly 6’; with Ultron’s defeat, Sentry 459 was reprogrammed by Dr. Oliver Broadhurst to serve the Underground Legion. Sentry 459 joined them on a mission to the planet Armechadon, capital of their foe Tantalus’ empire, but during the clash Sentry 459 was dismantled by Tantalus’ lieutenant Wraath; a Sentry (possibly Sentry 459) was among the robots found and partially repaired by the mutant Reanimator before he was defeated by Richard Rider, AKA Nova, and Logan/James Howlett, AKA Wolverine.




3-6 tons





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