Published September 5, 2023

MARVEL SNAP's New Season Tracks Down Loki For All Time

A new variance has been detected! It's time to look for Loki in the latest season of MARVEL SNAP!

MARVEL SNAP's New Season Tracks Down Loki For All Time

Calling all Agents…Report to the Time Theater for your next mission briefing, and get ready for more information on our next time twisting season.

The new MARVEL SNAP season Loki For All Time is happening NOW and taking over all timelines! Inspired by Marvel Studios' Loki, the Trickster God is back and stirring up trouble in the Multiverse!


Attention! A new variance has been detected involving an individual known by many titles, including but not limited to: The Lord of Mischief, The Master of Manipulation, Asgard's Most Cunning Schemer, The Orchestrator of Chaos, The Trickster God, The Prince of Pranks, The Sorcerer with the Silver Tongue, The Illusionist of the Nine Realms—none other than the illustrious Loki!

All sightings and irregularities should promptly be forwarded to the Time Variance Authority. Your cooperation is most appreciated!



In his early years of life, Loki suffered from feelings of isolation and unequal treatment from his adoptive father Odin. Resentful of the strong bond Odin had with Thor, Loki channeled his negative feelings into pulling pranks on his brother. Loki’s misery and jealousy heightened when Odin granted Thor the mystic hammer, Mjolnir; due to this uncontrollable envy, the god of mischief interfered with the weapon’s creation, inadvertently resulting in a too-short handle. Constantly overshadowed by Thor and his possession of Mjolnir, Loki often retaliated against the thunder god to spite his relationship with Odin.

Over the years, as Loki’s schemes became more and more frequent, and Odin sent him to jail, but the mischief-maker utilized his magic powers to escape from his cell. Once free, Loki met with Eldred, a sorcerer who trained him in the black arts. With more mastery of his powers, Loki’s ploys became less detected by Odin and Thor, allowing him to get away without punishment for his malicious actions.



MARVEL SNAP Loki For All Time Seasonal Rewards


We can’t wait to see what kind of mischief you can cause with Loki, but the fun doesn't stop there. Joining him are some of the most memorable characters from his adventures. You will be able to find these new cards in Spotlight Caches and in the Token Shop!



Allegedly the first being to free itself from the timestream, Alioth grew in power, becoming the Supreme Time Being over all realities from the dawn of life on Earth to the edge of Nathaniel Richards, AKA Kang the Conqueror’s dominion. A temporal barrier blocked Alioth from not only entering Kang’s realm, Chronopolis, but also conquering all time periods.

Alioth travels by way of the timeless, transtemporal medium called Limbo, a universe of sorts, and both Alioth and Limbo hail from Downtime. Alioth sweeps over the atmosphere of Limbo like a storm system to absorb time-travelers and conquer all domains across time.



Mr. Mobius M. Mobius is an identical clone of Mr. Alternity, the highest authority and director of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). The TVA agency operates from the Null-Time Zone dimension, in which time cannot be interfered with, and has a working relationship with time travelers such as Nathaniel Richards, AKA Kang the Conqueror

Mobius acts as an administrator and is alerted by the Chronomonitors (faceless men who monitor every event of the timeline) when time travel or reality warps occur within their assigned reality. Mobius is alerted to these warps through tachyon impulses and then determines how to proceed. He starts out as the TVA’s junior management and thanks to his attention to detail, quickly rises to senior status.


Ravonna Renslayer

Born a princess in the 40th century on Earth-6311, Ravonna Renslayer is at first an ambassador to her people in the kingdom of Carelius. After an encounter with the all-powerful, self-important Kang the Conqueror, her life changes forever.

Catching the attention of Kang the Conqueror, Princess Ravonna rejects him by calling him a commoner, despite his powers and stature as a leader, he having won many victories across the galaxy with his invincible army. After he proves willing to sacrifice everything to save her from execution, she falls for him and ultimately saves his life at the cost of her own. When she is revived by En Dwi Gast, AKA the Grandmaster, who had engaged in a game with Kang where should he win he could choose to have power over life or death, and thus return Ravonna to life. The Grandmaster reveals to her that Kang won and chose death, death to his enemies the Avengers, which was more important to him than her return. This betrayal sets Ravonna on a path of vengeance.


So, when can you expect new cards?

You can expect new cards to be released weekly—starting with last month’s Season Pass Card, Daken, releasing as a Series 5 card on September 5th.

  • September 5th: Daken - Series 5 Release
  • September 12th: Alioth - Series 5 Release
  • September 19th: Ravonna Renslayer- Series 4 Release
  • September 26th: Mobius M. Mobius - Series 4 Release

New Series 4 and Series 5 cards will appear in the Spotlight Cache and the Token Shop. As you level up your Collection Level, use these Spotlight Caches to open a Series 4, Series 5 card, or variant! If you want to know more, check out the Spotlight Cache blog on!



September 5th:

MARVEL SNAP September 5 Spotlight Cache


September 12th:

MARVEL SNAP September 12 Spotlight Cache


September 19th:

MARVEL SNAP September 19 Spotlight Cache


September 26th:

MARVEL SNAP September 26 Spotlight Cache



Your adventure continues with these all-new locations!

MARVEL SNAP Loki For All Time Season Locations
  • Mount Vesuvius: Players can’t retreat after turn 5.
  • Time Theater: Copy the last card you drew instead of drawing your next card.




Loki isn’t the only variant, check out the 50+ New Art Variants coming to the game this season.



These Exclusive Bundles are available for a limited time! And don’t forget that you can use any new variant even if you don’t yet own the base card. Here are the upcoming bundles:

MARVEL SNAP Days of Summer Past

Days of Summer Past

  • Agent Coulson (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • White Queen (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 600 Credits
  • 3000 Gold
  • 155 Agent Coulson Boosters
  • 155 White Queen Boosters

Price: $29.99


Beach Bums

  • Leech (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Scorpion (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Sandman (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 3600 Credits
  • 155 Leech Boosters
  • 155 Scorpion Boosters
  • 155 Sandman Boosters

Price: 2800 Gold

MARVEL SNAP Cannonball Run

Cannonball Run

  • Armor (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Giganto (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 4000 Credits
  • 155 Armor Boosters
  • 155 Giganto Boosters

Price: 2800 Gold

MARVEL SNAP Aspect of Heimdall

Aspect of Heimdall

  • Heimdall (Pantheon) Variant & Avatar
  • Kraven (Pantheon) Variant & Avatar
  • 4800 Credits
  • 4000 Collector Tokens
  • 155 Heimdall Boosters
  • 155 Kraven Boosters

Price: $74.99

MARVEL SNAP Kitty Pryde Emergency Pirate Outfit

Emergency Pirate Outfit

  • Kitty Pryde (1602) Variant
  • Kitty Pryde (1602) Avatar
  • 900 Credits
  • 1600 Gold
  • 310 Kitty Pryde Booster

Price: $19.99

MARVEL SNAP Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield

  • Nick Fury (Noir) Variant & Avatar
  • Agent 13 (Black Suit) Variant & Avatar
  • Iron Man (Max Grecke) Variant & Avatar
  • 155 Nick Fury Boosters
  • 155 Agent 13 Boosters
  • 155 Iron Man Boosters

Price: $9.99

MARVEL SNAP Artist Showcase Kim Jacinto

Artist Showcase: Kim Jacinto

Price: 7500 Gold

MARVEL SNAP Wong Festival of Unity

Festival of Unity

  • Wong (Frazetta) Variant
  • Wong (Frazetta) Avatar
  • 900 Credits
  • 155 Wong Boosters

Price: $4.99


Will you use Loki to get a free Kitty Pryde from your opponent’s bounce deck? Or a turn 5 Galactus? We know you’re going to love Loki’s shenanigans and can’t wait to see what you come up with. And don’t forget to login to Steam so you claim your FREE Devil Dinosaur Mech Variant that was featured in our booth at Gamescom!

Get in on the action now! MARVEL SNAP is available in 13 languages across the world and available for download now on mobile and PC:


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