Shadu the Shady

Shadu (last name unrevealed)Shadu the Shady



Shadu the Shady claimed to travel to many unseen magical lands and witnessed miracles he would duplicate at a club called the 53rd Card. He enchanted the audience with mystical readings of their auras using his Aural Eye of Asmodel as well as other fabulous feats he had performed countless times. It has yet to be revealed how Shadu joined with the group of fortune-hunters, the Confederates of the Curious, but his supernatural skills were of great benefit to his newfound friends. They helped to defeat the members of the vengeful Nine-Fold Daughters of Xao, and they also benefited his team when a man named John Aman came looking for the Confederates’ leader, Orson Randall. Using his Aural Eye, Shadu unexpectedly saw a strange nothingness in the audience at the 53rd Card shaped as a man. A few seconds later, he saw a green mist and blacked out. When he came to, Shadu informed Randall of the events that transpired, and Orson knew his old enemy from the past had returned. Randall asked for a quick escape, and Shadu responded with a secret passage out of the nightclub followed by a portal to another place. Shadu stayed with the Confederates even after Orson had disbanded the team following a run-in with the Cowgirls from Hell and Aman – the conflict almost killed Chores MacGillicuddy, another member of the Confederates of the Curious. Time went on, and even though Shadu lived more years than were probably intended, Shadu the Shady passed away from natural causes around the same time Orson Randall was killed.









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