Sibylla is a Titan from Mount Olympus she was among the Titans that were banished to the underworld prison known as Tartarus, By Cronus fearing that his children would rise against him, as he took the life his own father Ouranus. Sibylla and the other Titans were freed by the Olympian Zeus, in his effort to overthrow Cronus. Sibylla was later sought by war goddess Bellona, seeking a challenge that would exalt her beyond her brother Ares in the eyes of Zeus. Sibylla shared with Bellona that the young apprentice sorcerer Kyllian would provide her the challenge needed to accomplish her goals. After her plan to capture Kyllian failed, Bellona returned upset and distraught at the seer, asking her if she foresaw that the plan would fail. Sibylla, confirmed her suspicions and asked Bellona if she would like see the new visions of her future. Bellona emphatically declined the offer exclaiming that she would continue her schemes alone.







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