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Circa the first century A.D. the dying Druids Taliesin and Moraish vowed that, when two Celtic descendants met in a new land, a warrior would be born to avenge the Roman Empire's crimes against their people. Nearly two thousand years later, in the U.S., a criminal named Boddicker and his wife, immigrants who had thus met in "a new land," bore a son, Kyllian, within whose psyche the three Celtic Gods Morrigan, Tarannis and Cernunnos became bound. When Kyllian was five, he witnessed his father murder by crime boss Kranchuk in retaliation for failures in his service. Kyllian and his younger sister Kate were raised into adulthood within the ranks of Kranchuk's organization, where Kyllian became enforcer.

In recent years, while participating in an arms deal, Kyllian was overwhelmed by visions of the three Celtic Gods, who manifested mystic tattoos upon his body. He resolved to quit Kranchuk's mob and flee with Kate, but Kranchuk killed Kate before Kyllian's eyes. Enraged, Kyllian lashed out with his new power, setting Kranchuk's headquarters aflame. The magical flame attracted Doctor Strange to confront Kyllian, who drove him back and escaped. He next attacked Kranchuk's superior Harper but was interrupted by Strange, who forced the three Celtic Gods to manifest. Kyllian embraced their mission to seek out and destroy evil, so long as they allowed him free will, and they gifted him with a mystic staff. Dr. Strange convinced the youth to study under him as his disciple.

Via the vision of crone Sibylla, Kyllian came to the attention of Olympian war goddess Bellona. Seeking vengeance against the Celtic Gods, Bellona sent the Centaurion against Kyllian, who quickly defeated him. Shortly afterward, a mystic artifact drew Kyllian into the dimension ruled by Iskelior, who befriend him. When Strange arrived, the encounter was interrupted by a dimensional breach. Strange returned to Earth, leaving Kyllian, he thought, develop his full power in comparative safety; however, Kyllian fell into dangerous straits, his staff lost and his body apparently abounded by the gods. Modred the Mystic rescued Kyllian and returned him to Earth, where Kyllian reshaped his body. Now called Wildpride, he became Modred's disciple to learn more of his birthright.

Modred manipulated Morbius, the Werewolf, and Vengeance into joining Wildpride and himself against the Fallen sorceress Salomé, but she defeated Modred, leaving Wildpride to rescue him. Shortly afterward, Wildpride angry at Strange's earlier abandonment attacked his former mentor. He was quickly defeated, but not before Modred used him as a conduit to discover the signature of Strange's elemental magic. The repentant Strange again offered to train Wildpride, who rejected him and teleported away, and Modred, via his new knowledge, invaded Strange's extradimensional sanctum. His efforts against strange failed, and neither he nor Wildpride has been seen since.

However the Celtic Gods believed Kyllian Boddicker would become one of Earth's greatest heroes in fulling the ancient Druid spell, while Sybilla foretold a romance between him and Bellona, who may yet have her own part to play in the spell's vendetta against the Olympians. As such, with or without, Modred, Wildpride's mystic adventures may be far from finished.




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